I need some advise on losing my gut

Hey whats up T-mag Forum. I just joined this gym and have been working out 5-days a week and would really appriciate some advise on losing my gut before August 18,“thats when my membership is up”. I’ve always been interested in steriods! Just dont know how to get them. I’m 26 and want to look good for my wedding day in Oct.
Can you readers help me out?

It’s “advice”, not “advise” (which is the one that sounds like a ‘z’.) Sorry, English teacher flashback. Tomorrow’s lesson: the difference between “loose” and “lose”.

As for your question, I hope this is a joke post. If not, then please read the “Diet Manifesto” article before everyone on this board rips you a new one. You can find it here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

Then type “Dawg School” into the search engine at T-mag, not the one here at the forum, and start reading.

Geez Chris…have a bad day? Hehehe. You are right though. Gotta watch spelling bro. Steroids are not the answer for you.

Humm why dont you try the steroid Guttoffstenol!!! Are you Kidding me??? How about good Diet and hard work buddy!!! yeishhhh.

I wouldn’t recommend steroids to someone who was just starting out, but since you’ve got several weeks of training under your belt, go for it. To get steroids go to one of the juicer boards and post a message like “Inexperienced newbie looking for a steroid source.” You should quickly have dozens of emails from people willing to take your money. If you’re doing this cycle for your wedding, make sure to use only Deca, it’ll really make for a memorable honeymoon.

Here - this info will save you a few wasted years. To get the perfect body you need: 1. Correct training and nutrition information 2. To enjoy (or at least endure) pain 3. A LONG TIME

Love your post Buster. The first thing you need to do Slump is to extend your gym membership then work on the basics. Do a search of previous T-Mag issues and it will get you started off right.

Next week, a new guy asks about Ankle weights and Kreyatine, and Chris Shugart’s head spontaneously explodes, soiling his keyboard and T-Mag leather jacket. Lata.

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Hey dude, hear you need some gear. Tell you what, maybe we could work something out. I’ll just need to know where to locate you. Also, if you have any friend you want to rat out…I meant to say, if you have any friends that might be interested just let me know how to locate them.

Hey man i have an old bottle of andro-6 from a few years back. Sell it to ya for a hundred and fifty. Its good shit man.

You had to know that you would get slammed with that post. Bodybuilding is not something we do in our spare time. It’s a way of life, it is part of us and it’s hard work. That’s why you got the responses that you did. There are no magic potions and no time limits. I understand wanting to look good for your wedding, but you can’t expect to magically change your appearance without hard work and a proper diet. The only way to lose your gut is to burn more calories than you consume. MD6 and T2 can help with your progress, but don’t let a gym membership expiration date define the end of your program. If you can’t make more of a personal commitment than that then, you are doomed for failure.

Maybe you should put this question in the steroid forum so my drug using brethren can
have some fun.

In Ian Kings article Bring the Pain part 1, he sez that the muscle group that’s trained first is the one that’s trained most efficiently. So what you want to do is train your abs first before you train the rest of your muscles in your routine. You might also want to do Ian’s ab workout that’s posted somewhere on this site. Thermogenics help also. MD6 is my favorite, but if you want to feel like a complete tweaker, try xenadrine.