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I Need Some Advice


Hey guy's I'm 5'8" about 14-15% bodyfat and 160 pounds (ew). I've been lifting for over a year and I'm kinda in the need to lose some bodyfat, I look disgusting. I'm not necesarilly wanting to get ripped but I kinda want to maintain 8-11% bodyfat. being fat has killed a lot of my confidence and I kinda want to lose some of it before I head to my next goal of 175 pounds. My diet looks like

Breakfast 6:45
4 whole eggs with water

Meal 2: 9:30
beef/venison jerky (homeade)

Lunch: 11:30
peanut butter on grain w/water

Meal 4 2:00: protein shake (45-50 grams of protein)

Workout 3:00 monday-tuesday-thursday-friday

Dinner 5:00
whatever rents make if it's healthy w/ milk

8:00 protein shake or tuna

10:00 bed

^ my weekday scheduele my weekend diet isn't as good and a lot more random but still pretty clean.

any advice?

Running for long distances on treadmills hurts my knees. can I lose signifant (4-5%)by adding 20 minutes on an excersize bike a week? I would prefer finishing my entire workout IN THE GYM.


I can't correct everything. There is just way too much wrong in there. My best suggestion to you is to read the diet articles and pick one (the AD is a really good one). Calculate your maintenence calories and then drop about 500 off of that per day. Lose the fat slowly or you risk losing muscle and really messing up your metabolism.

As it stands, your diet has a ton of protein, little carbs and little fats. Where is your energy at? I haven't done any calculations but I am going to guess that the bulk of your calories come from protein? That shouldn't be the case in any diet, in my opinion.


{add veggies and/or fruit)

add veggies and or fruit

add a complete protein source

add veggies and or fruit and fats

any activity will help



I'll eat carrots w/brakfast and an apple with the jerky. I need new ideas for lunch though because I can't eat turkey anymore...it makes me puke.


Add in green veggies and good fats. Your diet is seriously lacking in those aspects.


Bro, look into the AD (huge thread on here that will give you all the info on it you'd ever need). I'm not an expert, but I'm sure most would agree that diet is probably like 75% of the game when it comes to losing weight or putting on size.

If you're not interested in doing something like the AD, then you need to balance your current diet a bit and I would recommend doing 20-30 min cardio 3-4 times a week to help drop the weight.



probably cardio 3 days a week, I've read the anabolic diet and that's pretty exreme for me. I think I'll add more veggies but I might look into the AD for when I starting gaining again. Would it be a good solution to bring myself to 175+pounds after i lean down a bit?


Bro, it seems to me that given your ultimate goal (which appears to be ~175 lbs and leaner than you currently are) that you would be better off pursuing that goal.

From my own experience it is easier to lose weight than it is to put on lean muscle mass (neither one being necessarily "easy"). IMO you would be taking the long road by trying to cut down now and then attempting to "bulk up" to 175.

My recommendation would be that you adopt a sensible eating program (diet) which includes consuming at least 1g protein per lb bodyweight, some good fats such as olive oil, fish oils etc, and some good carbs from veggies such as spinach, brocolli, yams, asparagus etc. Stay away from the whites (bread, rice, pasta, sugar). Switch to whole wheat bread, pasta, & brown rice and keep these in moderation - preferably earlier in the day.

As for training - there are plenty of effective workouts on this site. Just about any one of them will work for you as long as you train with intensity and push yourself. Switch it up every 6 weeks.

Cardio is not optional. 3 times a week is the bare minimum. I would seriously recommend that you get in some sort of cardio each day you get into the gym. It will benefit your lifting too.



I'm on an upper/lower split. My workout is pretty good. i guess I could do cardio all 4 days I lift after I'm done lifting. The cardio will be light for the time being due o my current lack of conditioning. light is like a 10-15 minute jog on a treadmill or more likely a 20 minute excercize bike ride. I would run more but with squatting and deadlifting twice a week It hurts to run for too long.

I pretty much switch up my lunch bread with whole wheat///grain depending on what my parents buy me. I can eat an apple or two a day and a bunch of carrots... what other veggies will stay good in a backpack while at school? should I add veggie oil to my shakes///eggs? I've been gaining about .5-.75 pounds a week.


I should add veggies at 1-2 meals which should they be?

p.s. Lets say since I'm not exactly stuffing my faceand making slower gains...we can assume they are mostly muscle/water weight and not fat correct? In essence wouldn't crating a higher muscle/fat ratio lower my bodyfat? I may not be able to kill 2 birds with one stone but I can at least possibly drop a few % over time right?

current personal bests:
bench 165x5
squat 185x5
deadlift 280x5

Just so you know where I'm at....I'm kind of a deadlifting junkie.


As far as cardio is concerned, something is better than nothing. You don't need to do long durations of cardio to get results. 20 minutes can be effective if the intensity is there. Start off doing what you can and build.

Intervals on the treadmill have worked well for me in the past - e.g. run hard for 1 minute, take it down to a brisk walk for 1 minute and repeat. At the beginning you can try going 1 min hard, 2-3 min walk to build up your conditioning.

NO veggie oil in your shakes. Unless you are doing the AD stay away from oil in your shakes (unless it's fish oil or flax or Omega 3-6-9). In fact stay away from the veggie oil altogether. If possible you need to switch to Olive Oil (extra virgin).

Lastly, get one of those lunch packs (you can get them from Wal-Mart cheap). Throw one of those re-usable ice packs in there and you can pack pretty much anything - it'll keep for hours.



btw the veggie oil is olive oil...but I don't think it's extra virgin. 2 grams poly and 10 monosaturated fats in it iirc

I'm in terrible cardiovascular shape...I could only do a moderate intensity for 20 minutes.

So I should keep the diet as is with more veggies?