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I need some advice about training

If your goal is to become leaner and burn fat are you better off doing a 3-day of weights followed by 3 days of HIIT or 4-days of weights without the HIIT? Reason why I?m asking is I hate to run or do any type of cardio for that matter and was wondering is it possible to become leaner and burn fat just by lifting weights. I know most of the results come from a clean diet and I am pretty good in that area I?m just unsure about the training with weights along with HIIT. I just don?t know if HIIT is necessary to become leaner. I?m hoping I can reach my goal just by lifting weights without any type of cardio such as HIIT. I read all the time in the Men?s Health magazine that lifting alone can help you become leaner and burn fat. Is this true and if so why do most people still do HIIT to try to become leaner and burn fat if it?s not necessary?

“The fact that something is possible does not equate it to being optimal.”

-Joel Marion

Add it to the list.

Nice quote Joel. How about this one.

“Not a ton of people like to do cardio or HIIT, but they get off their asses cause it works!”


Yes, nice quote Joel, but you accidentally credited that to yourself and not Ian King. Whoops.

I rekon HIIT is a primo way of leaning out but if you want to live in the gym there are alternatives.
I couldnt run last year so I did a series of giant sets using a barbell on a lifting platform and it got the body fat down pretty quicky.
Use a weight that you can do for the overhead squats and then just keep going
Platform cardio:
-Overhead squats x 8 ->
-Hanging high pulls X 8 (finish in a front squat rack)->
-Front squats x 15 ->
-Hack squats x 15 ->
-Dealifts x 15

rest 120s or if training with a partner do hand offs (ie he does his giant set then you get straight into it which will prob be a bit longer). if you can do more than 4 sets on you first go you’re an animal. dont focus on slow reps on the non explosive moves just get a groove going and try not to puke.
I hope this helps or provides at least one alternative

Never read the Ian King quote, and I’m sure he never said those exact words as well.

I wrote this on a t-shirt before my very first fight a while ago!!!

“That which is painful, is exactly what is needed, not to be avoided”
-Da Boxer

Joel, look what you’ve started! Chaos:p

Huh? Charles Woodson, DB of the Oakland Raiders, hates to run? What?

Oh, this must be a different C. Woodson.

Woody, of course, you can shed fat through resistance training and a stellar nutritional program alone. No doubt, it’s been done before.

However, as already stated, you will not be maximizing your efforts efficiently. In addition, you will be negating a very important–and oft overlooked–aspect: cardiovascular fitness.

That said, 15-20 minutes of hell–actually the work portion is probably not even half that–two times a week is definitely worth the results ye shall reap.

I agree, it’s not necessary, but it makes things progress faster. Just follow Timbo’s advice and hit a couple of high intensity sessions per week, and get a sled and drag it on days following leg workouts, yummy!