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I Need Snack Ideas

The title sums it up pretty good…but basically I would like to get some snack ideas from other people. I feel like im running out of ideas myself and they are boring too. I use stuff like turkey pepperoni, almonds, rice cakes with natural peanut butter, and cheese from time to time. These things work, but i wouldnt mind other options either. Considering i have nuts/nut butter, i would prefer lower fat ideas. Thanks.

greek yogourt with fruits and chia.
cottage cheese with nuts.

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When I saw the thread title, almonds popped in my head. And then I read your post and you’re already eating almonds. lol

My two suggestions are KEFIR, which is basically yogurt on steroids, and NORI SEAWEED which is loaded with iodine.

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Ive only had seaweed once in my life, do you just eat it straight up? Or with something?

Are you looking to lose/maintain/gain weight?


I’m referring to the dried ones they sell in certain stores. I don’t know if Walmart or Costco sell them but they might. One likely place, though, is a health food store. Where I live we have ‘Natural Grocers’. So perhaps try that. And WHOLE FOODS stores.

They will look like brown, wrinkly, super-thin papers.

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Ok thanks man

Right now just maintain.

I make overnight oats with oatmeal, almond milk, protein powder, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and some fruit like blueberries or strawberries.

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This isn’t going to sound super helpful but have you considered bigger meals so you don’t have to snack?

In what context are you having these snacks? Within an office with access to a fridge? On the go in a car? While hiking?

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I have a hard time managing a diet that includes snacks. Three meals a day make it a lot easier. I have been indulging in these yogurt bars after dinner though. Only a 100 calories, and I just count it as part of the dinner. They are the Yasso brand, and are very tasty IMO. I was skeptical on how good they would be.


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Good in what sense?

Taste and nutrition. IMO, the taste is excellent (as good as all but the best ice cream bars), and I also say 100 calories is a low (good) for how big and delicious the bar is.

Looks pretty good to me. Not a fan of sugar, but buying dessert-y type snacks that tends to be hard to avoid :slight_smile: Don’t understand why they had to add maltodextrin though. Sugar I can at least appreciate as a preservative, but… so here’s how I might approach two items at the grocery store that’s of the same kind. Let’s say… cornichons. One has sugar, the other does not. They both have equal shelf-life. When I find that within a product category I’ll vehemently opt for the sugar-free option all other things being equal.

Had to google this. I think this is called a pickle (specifically a pickled cucumber) in the USA.

These are a great fat loss snack that I use.

Me too. I am not afraid of artificial sweeteners. I think they are a great tool and should be used even when adding weight (why would I want calories from sugar during a bulk even?).

However, these yogurt bars are very good for taste, have 5 g protein, and 100 calories. Not too bad. Not health food. A less bad treat.

I’d have one if offered one.

Cornichons are smaller pickles I’d say but :woman_shrugging:

In the US, they are called “baby pickles”. Just never heard of a cornichon before.

Must be too French sounding

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Just to add confusion/fun pretty sure in the UK there called ghurkins - disgusting things.

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Also to help out the op, what’s the purpose behind the snack, manage hunger or just great taste?

Protein shake can do both of these if you get good tasting protein. Toast/sandwiches are flexible snack options easily adjustable for calorie needs

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