I Need Serious Voting Help

The Voting ends at noon central time. We got way behind in the night. Please help my vote for the next couple of hours.

I need a favor. My little brother needs some votes so he can play in the US Army Arena bowl. go to http://www.turnto23.com/23yardline/index.html in the bottom right hand corner is where you vote. His name is Rane Cravens. You can vote as many times as you want. I appreciate the help. Thanks


I gave him about 7 good luck!

We got to figure out what other places those other kids posted. So that way when this shit comes up again we can get their support, because they did well.

Well I figured out pretty early that even though you can hit vote as many times as you want, it only counts your vote from a single IP once.

I tested it with a proxy, and got 10 votes in 2 minutes, and didn’t any without changing IPs. The tally went up, but I doubt I was the only person voting on the site.

I dont see his name? Am I just clueless? I see:

LINE- Cesar Barrera (Arvin)
LINE- D.J. Lara (Highland)
WR- Jacob Adelman (Frontier)
WR- Taiyon Jackson (West)

Voting for week 5 has ended.