I Need Program Suggestions

[quote]TommyGoss wrote:
Well Arnold’s beginner program consisted of pushups, dips, and situps, and I felt like I was beyond that.[/quote]
This is one of the problems with reading too much. There is a lot of info out there. Read enough and eventually even the same person will contradict themselves.
Arnold’s Golden Six is solid for a beginner:

The Level 1 Beginner plan in Arnold’s Encyclopedia is chest-back/shoulders-arms/legs six days a week. Not sure where you read his bodyweight-for-beginners plan.

[quote]This summer I think I was getting around 130 grams of protein a day

I am 5’9" @180lbs right now[/quote]
I’ll put another $5 that says your 130g was closer to 100g more days than not. Happens very often when people guesstimate their intake. So, yes, inadequate nutrition. It’s definitely good that you recognize you need to crack down on that, but I suggest a food journal for at least a little while to make sure your diet really is on point.

The only real best thing a beginner can do is stick to one plan and run it into the ground, squeezing out every possible bit of progress. Frequent program-jumping is probably the number one cause for slow, inefficient gains. Crap nutrition coming in a very, very close second.