I Need Motivation

Recently when going to the gym, I have a hard time motivating myself to go, even with music. I try and vision the lifting day going good, but it’s honestly a struggle…

First, try listening to different music.

Second, why is it a struggle? Have your lifts stalled? Not much free time for the gym? Girl problems? Family problems? Not eating/sleeping enough? Just plain sick of lifting?

I’m assuming its that your lifts have stalled, which is probably the most common reason in my experience. Re-think your training plan and make modifications. Try incorporating new exercises or scrapping your program completely. I know I am talking very abstractly but you have not given us much information, so I cannot address specific points.

Just understand that no other people on T-Nation are going to light a fire under your ass. No one wants you to be big, you have to want it yourself.

PS - What instrument do you play? Seeing your avatar makes me think you are a guitarist.

and you also used to be or maybe still are a skater sue to your screen name

njrusmc and myself should be forensic experts.

Yeah. I love lifting, don’t get me wrong. I have the desire, if not more than most people, to get huge. It’s like, when I get there and do a couple sets, I’m just like, “Wow, I don’t know if I want to keep doing this.” Not that I’m going to quit or anything but I guess that’s what it feels like. Family is normal, girl problems none. All that is good. Just when I go to they gym, I can’t explode like I used to. Off subject, yes I play guitar, I’m the one with the backwards hat. Also, no, I’m not a skater, but my name refers to a skateboard company/deck style.

Sounds like you have become complacent.
Just look around at all the fat out of shape people around you and think do I really want to be like that?

Keeps me going.

Quit being a pussy, turn up the Pantera/Down and lift some heavy ass weights.

6’ and 158.3124987#?

“Hey, Skinny! Yer Ribs are Showing!”


"Hey I really just don’t feel like lifting’ get the fuck out then.

If you need to find some motivation, other then trying to be as big and strong as possible along with the million of other reasons you should just give up now!

so stop being pussy, and lift some weight

I can struggle with motivation as well. However once you get to the gym you have to turn it on. IF it is tough to do then you have to ask yourself why. Why lift? Why is this not fun? Do you need time off? Do you need to simplify your training? Do you need to eat more? Carb up and get some energy maybe that will help. And of course eat protein. Sleep more and that will help too. If you spent your nights rockin’ that can sap your energy for the weights.

Get a purpose, establish a mission, and go for it.

Ask yourself why, what, and how. Answer these question and you will be getting yourself back on track.

[quote]bluejay wrote:
Why is this not fun? [/quote]

Lifting can be fun? I missed the memo! But I have to agree with bluejay. If there’s an underlying cause, remedy it. If you’re really just apathetic, then GTFO. Working out is never fun for me, but seeing results and setting PRs makes it more than worth it. Hope you sort things out!

screw motivation, do or do not - yoda.

For many, finding time is the problem. For those that have motivation problems try going at a set time every day. It will become habit.
I go at 5:30-6AM - right after I get up. By 8 I am done and get on with the rest of my day.


and of course… Forums - T Nation - The World's Trusted Community for Elite Fitness

[quote]flipHKD_6 wrote:
Recently when going to the gym, I have a hard time motivating myself to go, even with music. I try and vision the lifting day going good, but it’s honestly a struggle…[/quote]

I’ll give you motivation.
I’d like you to visit a hospital and look at all the people your age who have disease or have amputated limbs.
Look at the people who waddle by with 300 pounds attached to their body. People who spend their live accomplishing nothing. People who will never feel what it’s like to be able to lift large amount of weights, to be able to grasp something with their hands or move it with their own feet. To know what it’s like to jump or run. To be forever confined to a chair till the day they die.

I want you to find a quadriplegic and tell the person “ya i’m sorry, i know i have a perfectly healthy body…but i like…don’t feel like it, ya know?” and then i want you to feel the shame as the person stares at you with absolute hate and jealousy.

Every time i don’t feel like doing something, i look at these people. I tell myself “what the fuck are you doing? Wasting such a fucking gift?”. Some of you fags don’t realise how lucky you are that:
-you have a roof over your head

-That you can do anything you want because you have an able body

you have absolutely no excuse not to do something involving exercise. You’re lucky that you were brought up in such a way or discovered this common sense that you don’t have to exercise but that you NEED to and you HAVE to.
If that’s not motivation enough, i don’t know what is.

here is some motivation for you.

if you dont keep working out one day you will end up a disgusting fat piece of shit trying in vain to pull his shirt back down over his blubbery belly while doing assisted chins burning with shame because you know you should never of ended up like this.

that is what i had to deal with last night, and will have to deal with every thursday night for probably the next 6 months as i struggle to have half of the physique that i used to have that i lost because i just couldnt be arsed any more.

buck up mate use it or lose it turning into a self pitying weak useless piece of shit.

Try doing light cardio to get yourself pumped before you start lifting.

If you’re bored, change up your workout plan. If you’ve stalled, change up (lifts) or change up # of reps and # of reps (obviously changing the weight to match). Listen to driven music, like heavy metal and dark techno. Go with a partner, lift together, keep each other on track.

Alright. I think I figured out why I wasn’t motivated. Lol, also the term “fun” I know, doesn’t go with lifting. I’m on track now and I’m going to figure out where I am now. Going to 1rm today.

Start monday and never quit. I’m not going to be a little bitch any longer. I’m going to change. I love everyones response. Most make me laugh, but some hit home and now I’m ready. I’m going to post my 1RM later today and then I’m just going to use this thread as a progress report, even if no one reads it, I will.

kick some ass bro!