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I Need Major Help Lowing My T


Hello everyone,

I have androgen deficiency or something much like it, google image that if you do not know what it is, absolutely horrible and have had it all my life (i'm 22).

Basicly no doctor I have seen wants to give me testosterone hrt including endocrinologist, Urologist and 10 normal gps.

My uncle had the same thing and they injected him and now he's fine but hes testosterone was below 288.1844 ng/dL (10 nmol/L).

The "normal" ranges for uk is 288.1844 ng/dL - 864.5533 ng/dL (10-30 nmol/L)

I have a blood test tuesday and my last two test where 13 nmol/L and second was 12 nmol/L (after an all nighter).

I am so close to actually having a life and have till 25th, tuesday, 8:30 in the morning to lower this sh*t all ideas all will be great as will research them all.

Apparently even though my body is a complete mess they will get prosecuted if they give out testosterone if its not under 10 nmol/L's even though its in the family? some 1 run me the f over if it doesn't go below 10! Please help and thanks in advance.

Plan so far:

just bought 2 creates of energy drinks try to keep sleep to a minimum, no sun whatsoever not going out for no one, all blinds are closed will probably make me really depressed but worth it as apparently being in the sun been scientifically proven to raise T.

Drink so much night b4, try not to sleep and eat the biggest breakfast in the world, increase that insulin.

Birth control pills getting some now f it im not living like this any longer.

low calorie intake, loads of tofu/soya already in stock!
ALL ideas are welcome ima do them all!


Well in answering the hypothetical question how to lower T, youre on the right tracks with the sleep deprivation, id say low calories, keep dietary fat intake as low as physically possible, dont lift, lots of endurance cardio, really push yourself there and eat lots of soy products. Obviously no supplementation with zinc, wouldnt want to correct any deficiency you might have. As to whether this is a wise course of action i cant comment, and wont give advice either way, but i understand the intention.


Thanks very much for your reply I will add these things to my battle plan, all I have is a bike for cardio and obv won’t be seeing the sun, what happens if I over train on the weights?


Heavy lifting will stimulate testosterone in theory, whether that is the same for people with your condition i have no idea, but if i was trying to lower my T to ‘fail’ a blood test id just sit around and do jack all and catch up on some movies. Bring on the all night starwars marathon/ LOTR marathon etc.


hahaha this I like lol thanks man


OBC will depress your HPTA and T. You can also take drugs that impede the liver’s ability to remove E2.

In the USA, this is a OTC drug: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cimetidine


The only drug that will help that I get in short notice is the pill and just got 2 so gonna do 4 halfs, thanks tho dude


sup people on my all nighter taking 4 pills in 4 days 4 hours until they take my blood and think it takes 4 days to get the samples back alot of 4s there haha will let you know how it goes and see if I get it under 10


Yeah a load of sh*t 11.3 nmol/L just needed 1.3 lower! Looks like ive gota live like this for a while yet, they’re not going to do a thing yet I saw on tv monday a 16 yr old girl who wants to be a boy is allowed the injections? backwards country I live in. Going to ring the doctor tomoz to see if theres anything she can do, if not looks like I am ordering online and wont have a clue what my t lvls are on or what the hell I am doing and will most probably mess my hole body up even more. Will drop another post tomoz to let you know what the silly B**ch says.