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I Need Honest Feedback About Competing

Some more quad training would bring out your physique nicely IMO.

the only way to find out how you would do is to go out and compete! It seems pretty clear you are not anywhere near being in bad enough shape to get laughed at. It would be a learning experience, and then you could work to improve for your next comp. Competing is always an ongoing attempt to improve.

More squats and lunges

IM certainly no Judge however you look gorgeous I think you would
fit right in for a bikini contest WOW thanks for sharing …
BTW great abs maybe little more leg work ; )

MILF, Just sayin…

You look good, no great. Keep up the work. Even the way you stand is sexy!

Uh… bumping all the chick threads Dub?


<33333 compete now!

[quote]Hallowed wrote:
Uh… bumping all the chick threads Dub?


Nah, just givin cred where cred is due… you know you are the only chick I bump…

looking good, nice abs. I have no idea how they judge at those contests but I think you can use some separation in your glutes/hams/quads and a little more on the calves and shoulder/arm/chest area. I mean light but noticeable separation I don’t think you need cuts for bikini. other than that you look great
here’s a article I found on bikini contest hope it helps and good luck

Class A MILF

You look fantastic but you need to bring up the buns if ya know what I mean…A little lacking in the backside but all around fantastic.

8.3? Jesus **** me.

Guys need a reality check. No disrespect, Op but noweher near 8.3.

[quote]Peoples Victory wrote:
8.3? Jesus **** me.

Guys need a reality check. No disrespect, Op but noweher near 8.3.[/quote]

Now that’s constructive.

Hahaha! 8.2? Come on… You look good. Just compete and see what happens.

[quote]Davinci.v2 wrote:

[quote]Peoples Victory wrote:
8.3? Jesus **** me.

Guys need a reality check. No disrespect, Op but noweher near 8.3.[/quote]

Now that’s constructive.[/quote]

Maybe not, but it is called having an honest opinion.

So to sum it all up without having to look through multiple posts of “dick swinging” and focus on the crticism,

You are a very attractive woman and have a good foundation for competition quality, however

You are probably around a 5.4. Abs are your strong suit, need work on leg cuts, arm cuts and back cuts and overall muscle development.

I think the general advice here is go for it. If you really wanted to win i think i speak for everyone when i say you could definitely compete bikini, and kick some serious ass.

Go for it

I could see you fitting onstage in a Bikini Division. Figure, no, but Bikini, sure. Obviously there are always weak points you could focus on, but to be honest, I’ve seen some bikini class winners look like they’ve never even seen the inside (or even the outside) of a gym, so it will all depend on who else shows up to compete in your class, and what the judges decide to go for (soft beach body, or actual shape and tightness).

You look good regardless, good luck.


Have you actually decided to compete or not? And to answer the question, yes you should. I know a couple bikini competitors and you are very on par with them (with these 3-4 month pre-comp pictures) as long as you run a clean diet and train right I could see you easily placing in the top 3 for any regular event.

‘lame’ was old thread

way to go youre a solid 9

Your shoulders are way too small. Looks like you need to do more upper body work. The body fat levels are fine, legs are fine, but the shoulders and lats are needing heaps more work. Proportions are all okay, just size issue.