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I Need Help

Hey peeps, currently im 17 yrs old and i have a question about juicing. I use alot of supplements, pretty much all types.

I was looking up steroids on legalsteroids.com and other sources on the net. Would i be too young to start at like 18 or 19 yrs old? The reason i want to juice is to make it farther in bodybuilding cuz i compete and i wanna someday make it to the big leagues, ifbb. ~R.D.

Get ready to get slammed buddy, these kind of questions get you barred for life. Do some research… You think a site titled “legal steroids” is going to be a legit site?

Give me a break. If youre serious enough to give roids a try then you better be serious enough to do your own research and not ask such ignorant questions. Spend the next 4 years reading and then see if youre ready.

Bodybuilding is not a very lucrative career unless you are genetically blessed and have good coaching and a good diet. Become an expert and then start juicin.

Opener, did you find the legal steroids site at steroid.com? Do not buy their products.

Honestly, at your age, many people as well as myself will recommend not taking the juice yet. Train, diet, rest, and dont consider any steroids until you are 22-24.

After a few years, when you have spent the time in the gym and you’r hormones have settled down, do a real cycle of test only with proper pct. Inject the stuff yourself and don’t mess with that designer steroid crap.

If you really were serious about bodybuilding, you woldn’t ponder about whether to use steroids at this age. It will only cut short your “career”.

You should stay away from ‘juice’ for at least another 5 years (10 or more if you are smarter) of hard & heavy training. There are plenty of training articles on this site that can help you… It’s not a good idea at your age to be even thinking about it.