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I need help!!!!

Hi People,
I am a 30 year old male who has been training for 2.5 years. I have recently lost 30 pounds, however, I am still about 20-22% bf. I want to be lean, around 10% bf. Any tips?? Boom #80

Read T-mag.

Read the back issues.

<------------ Right over there, click on “Previous Issues”. There are nearly 300 of them on there. Tons of diets and lifting articles.

Look up “Don’t Diet Diet” “T-dawg 2.0” “Cheater’s Diet”. Use the search engine and change where it searches to t-mag. Find these articles and go from there.

Thanks Tek, I have read issues 7,8 &9. Great tip though

Sure, Meltdown training and T-dawg 2.0

My other big suggestion is to read the back issues of the magazine (to your left under “previous issues”) and use the search function.

There, I said it, now nobody needs to waste time flaming this guy okay?


Read this website.