I need help

I’ve been training my ass off for the past year and have seen alot of results, but I’m nothing close to what I want to be. Right now I’m taking Beverly Int’l’s Ultra 40 and Mass, Cytodyne’s Myo-Blast, N02, Biotest’s Methoxy-7, and EAS’s Muscle Drive HP protein powder.

I’ve been putting some serious thought into taking Tribex-500 and M , does anybody have any suggestions (either about the Tribex or any other supplements)?

Exactly what is it that you’re trying to do? Where are you right now? What steps are you taking to reach that goal? If you can answer these questions than you’ll get better answers to your own questions. However, I’m pretty sure the FAQ would come in handly right about now.

if all the supplements u are taking are’nt providing enoughg growth, I doubt adding another one will.

“It’s your diet stupid!” (T-mag article quote.)

Do you keep a food log?

Also, where do you want to be? I mean, we need more details. You could just have unrealistic expectations if you want to look like a pro or something. You’ve only been training a year. How do you train? What do you eat? How old are you? Rad the article at T-mag called “Dawg School: The bodybuilder’s hierarchy of needs.”