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I Need Help

ok i use to weigh 325 lbs totally out of shape about 8 months ago i have lost 40lbs since then… but for the past 3 months i have stayed at the same weight… i dont do diets cuz well i never get hungry, i eat about 1-2 medium meals a day… maybe its my diet, people tell me to eat more meals, an generate a calorie system…first of all i dont even know how many calories im taking in…

i go to the gym 5 days a week and work out about 2-3 hours i begin with weight lifting… i do 4 sets of 12 on all my muscle groups…and at the end of my workout i do 30 mins of cardio… i try not to take supplement but im desperate enough to try anything… please i need some advice and tips

first off, you do need to eat more. i dont know what your goals are exactly but i recommend consuming alot of protein from some high quality whey protein, good meats like chicken, turkey, consuming alot of good fruits and veggies (ex: broccoli, green bean, berries,), and good carbs like whole wheat and oatmeal early in the day. its pretty easy to accurately estimate how much calories youre consuming just look at nutritional information.

secondly, 2-3 hours in the gym is wayyyyyyyy too long. i’d recommend starting off by doing split routine training like chest/tris on one day, then back/shoulder/arms another day, and legs/core another day. however you wanna split it is up to you. you shouldnt spend anymore than an hour in the gym, if youre training longer than that you are probably over training which will put a halt to your growth

also what are you doing for cardio? if youre just doing some aerobic jogging and arent drenched by the end of your cardio session, then it aint cardio. depending on your fitness level and flexibility, i would consider doing circuit training. or hell, you could just do some squat jumps, push ups, and mountain climbers back to back 10 reps of each and do 3-5 sets i guarantee youll be sweatin and breathin heavy after that, lol! you will want to make sure you are at a good level of balance and flexibility before doing some intense training like that though, which can be done by doing some simple balance and stretching exercises. just look up balance training and smr, static, and dynamic flexibility.

hope this helps man

Nice progress so far.

If you are going to the gym 4-5 days per week, and working out 2-3 hours EACH one of these sessions, then you are OVERDOING IT BIG TIME. You may think more it better, but this is actually counterproductive and will hold you back from further progress.

Also, for a week, you NEED to write down the calories of EVERYTHING you eat. Find out exactly how much you are eating, and if you are in fact eating what should make you lose weight, then you may need to see a dr. to see if everything is alright with your metabolism.

Just relax a bit, and try to develop some healthy habits as far as training and eating. 2-3 hours is excessive, and 1-2 meals a day is excessive on the low end. Even if you do manage to lose weight with these extremes, you are right on the path to gain it all back plus some. Hire a trainer if you need to, but you need to start doing things in a more practical way.

2009??? 1 post??? stalled at 285 pounds??? trolll???

[quote]doz6pack2000 wrote:
i dont do diets
i dont even know how many calories im taking in…

im desperate enough to try anything… please i need some advice and tips [/quote]

…start a diet and keep track of what you eat???