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I Need Help


Guys, I saw this awesome new diet called the Oderus Orungus Diet; in the book, it said I can lose weight quick, like a pound a day; but I feel like the guy who wrote it is full of shit!

Instead of using my own brain and intuition, I'm only gonna try this crap if you guys give me the go-ahead. Alright?

I got this same dilemna with this awesome workout plan I read about; it's called the Militant Blitzkrieg Alpha V3 workout. The guy who made it up said I'll get fucking huge; but the program seems a little weird. I'm not gonna try it out or use any reasoning I have before trying it out for myself. I NEED YOU guys to give me the go-ahead! It's tempting; this dude said I'll be a fucking IFBB pro in 3 months!


The Diet works phenomenal as long as you follow it strictly and constantly listen to GWAR.


Do what ever makes you happy, just don't hack me up into tiny little pieces. Please.


Does it work with Pantera too? I won't listen to Gwar with it because I don't have a Gwar CD to listen to and I'm too lazy and cheap to buy one; I want YOU to download the damn thing for me or buy me a copy.

Elusive, I can't make up my mind on what program makes me happy. I got a problem. I'm too lazy to try the fucking thing out for myself to see if it will work and in turn make me happy. I need YOU try it first.

I ain't hacking up anyone on T-mag; my uncle, Sheriff Hoyt, and I got plenty of protein in our basement. We even started a mail-order business shipping out pharmaceutical-grade calcium tablets. You know how we do.


Well I tried everything already. I make amazing progress with everything I do. I am mad swole and I have to fend for my life when those dime fly honeys see me. The chicks stay swinging from me. Now its your turn. Just don't abuse the creatine.

Again, I would like to remind you not to hack me up into tiny little pieces. Thank you for your compliance.


LOL I don't listen to GWAR either.


no no... you should so do it. Unless you ask again and get a different answer


You should do w/e JMoUFC87 tells you to do!


JM is an intelligent guy; so that sounds good.


oh don't worry, he'll obey


You should really seperate your questions into 2 different threads, and post them on multiple forums. That'll help up your post count and make sure everyone sees them!


You should do a MMF with HolyMac. You'll be swole.


thanks Brick,

But to answer your question:

[average T-Nation poster]
"you should, like, do whatever works for you and your body. cause, like, everyone is so different, ya know? I mean, like I know this one guy who can eat carbs and fat IN THE SAME MEAL and lose fat! incredible!

Mainstream nutrition science & research is all paid for by evil corporate interests in bed with a government that conspires to keep us all skinny-fat jacked anyways, everyone knows that. you just gotta experiment with your body until you know what works for YOU! Also buy more Surge Workout Fuel(tm)!"
[/average T-Nation poster]