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I Need Help with my HPTA

To start, I’m new here. 32 years old, 160 lbs, not sure of bf% but I’m sure it’s not good. I am currently on 125 mg of test c (ug) a week. I split a 25 my dose of aromasin per week for AI. I work construction and hit the gym 3 times a week at best right now. Even when I’m there I lack motivation and my joints are killing me. I have no insurance. I do have some VA benefits and perhaps even a service connected injury to help with this situation.

In a nutshell, I tried to take shortcuts by using anabolics in hopes of getting bigger. It started last year in October. I ran a 12 week cycle of test e 250 2x a week. Followed up with nolvadex and clomid but, had bad sides from clomid so I discontinued use. I had felt great while on cycle and coming off. March of this year rolls around and I felt like I could go again. No bloods done after first cycle or starting 2nd . In april I started to feel horrible. Couldn’t sleep, panic attacks, joint pain, ed, etc… I know bloodwork should have been done but life had me in a pinch at that time. I’m going in for bloodwork this Friday and depending on the results I was hoping I could seek some assistance through knowledge and personal expierience.

I would like to try a hpta restart and see if I can maybe get out of this nightmare before it does any more damage. I had no business messing with hormones, this is for sure. I understand that there’s a chance I’ve already screwed up too bad to bounce back but if there’s any of you guys that can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. If there’s any information needed, let me know. I will post my upcoming blood results as soon as I get them. Thanks in advance.

Definitely get your bloodwork done, in the meantime try and relax, you are not the only one in this situation and provided your body is relatively healthy and don’t have any serious illness I see no reason why you can’t get your body back into gear. If you react negatively to clomid, get some Enclomiphene you can find it on research chemical sites, it is clomid without the nasty estrogen side effects, then you can start a protocol with changing diet to incorporate more cholesterol, add some zinc and magnesium and take it from there. Try some ashwagandha KSM-66 for the panic attacks/anxiety. And most importantly BE PATIENT - the hpta is a very sensitive mechanism in the body and will take time to return to normal.

Thanks for the response to my post. Ive read many a post about guys in my situation. I’ll look into your suggestions on the clomid and vitamin supplements. I’ll also be posting my bloodwork results as soon as I get them. I’m really hoping I can bounce back from this. Thanks again for the response, I’m open to all suggestions and I have no problem being proactive with said suggestions. Have a good one.

Along with the Ashwagandha Mike suggested you could try l-theanine for anxiety/panic. It’s not long lasting but takes the edge off for a couple of hours. Note that it may make you slightly drowsy so maybe don’t take it before or during work as you’re on a construction site.

As far as hpta restart there are many here who are more knowledgeable than I. You’re going to be ok man, I know that panic shit sucks!

The best things I’ve found for anxiety and panic are inositol and pregnenalone. Get the powder inositol and take 5 grams mixed with water after a meal, three times per day (so 15 g per day). I’d also start with 50 mg pregnenalone once in the morning upon waking. Also, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Get in a nap if you can and start a basic breath counting meditation in the morning. Can’t offer much else until you get bloodwork, but based on some of your symptoms it sounds a bit like low e. Are you still taking the aromasin? If so, id discontinue.

What labs are you planning to get done and from where?

Hey, thanks for responding to my post you guys. I’m planning on getting some ashwaganda this week.
My results should be in this soon as well. I got the e2 sensitive test from pml. Im confident my test is good so it made sense to start with e2 and then go from there if necessary.
I believe the low e is correct and thank you for your input. I discontinued for a week and I’ve been feeling pretty good. But, then I saw a news article of god damn kitten stuck in a tree and I and Fucking teared up yesterday and that doesn’t sit well with me. The tears…or the kitten.
I’m also going to the VA to get some blood done next month. I’ll be able to check into some other things with those results as well.
Thanks again for responding.
Happy Veterans Day

I’d like to try and get my balls working again. With the bloodwork that I just posted are there any recommendations on which restart protocol I should research further?
I started on ashwaganda and l theanine. I believe it’s helping with the anxiety. Thanks for the input on that.

Should I start on hcg to keep my balls from shrinking anymore?
I was going to try Dr Scally’s hpta restart protocol. Starting with the 2000 iu hcg eod. Is there anyone with any experience I can talk to?


Subjective. Do you want kids? Do you care about the size of your balls?

I want to try and get off trt and see if my HPTA will recover.
Am I currently sterile?

One way to find out. Sperm analysis.

You still on novaldex. That’s your restart. And looks like you did some HCG that should "wake"up your balls. Then take labs after 6-8 weeks to see if restart worked if not you may need trt.
HCG should be not more than 500 IU an injection. But maybe your Dr got a different protocol. I could see going higher for restart purposes but that’s short term temporary.

FSH injections is sure to increase sperm production.

I apologize you guys, I think I gave you the wrong impression. I’m not trying to increase sperm production or have kids. I was more hoping just to come off trt after making the mistake of using anabolics to begin with. I don’t have any nolvadex. But, I can get some. I have not used any hcg at all. Just test cypionate. Even if I can’t get back to the natural test levels I had before using steroids, I’d like to see if I can get back to producing testosterone naturally at a decent level.

After being on test cyp for almost a year, should I start with hcg or just try an extended pct with nolvadex and enclomiphene?

I don’t see a doctor for trt. I have access to the VA but, they do not know about trt so I’m on my own really.

Mike12 you mentioned starting with no more than 500 iu of hcg and not going over that dose. I was under the impression Scally’s protocol was for 5000 eod. Can you help me out here? I definately don’t want to over use hcg. Do I even need to use it to get my testicles to work again?

I went to the VA today and explained my situation. I was talking to a female doctor that is not an endo or urologist. She is saying to stop the test cyp injections cold turkey and come in after a month or two for baseline bloodwork. My balls have atrophied and the VA wants bloodwork and semen analysis. Is this going to be safe for me to stop trt cold turkey without any pct? Can anyone help me with some direction or what to say to the doctor? They gave me bloodwork today including prolactin and thyroid but it will be a few weeks before it comes in. I’m open to any suggestions and there’s any information I have left out, please feel free to ask for clarification.

You guys, I just want to stop feeling like shit all the time. I know there’s only so much you guys can do but, I’m worried that stooping cold turkey could cause serious damage. Am I wrong and I just going paranoid or should try presenting some type or protocol to the doctor. I feel stuck.