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I Need Help with my First Cycle, Gents

Good day. I just need some advice before starting this cycle. It’s gonna be my first cycle.

The cycle:
•Test E @ 400mg per week for 12 weeks. (Also, is it alright to go 12.5 weeks? Gonna have 0.5ml left and don’t want it to go to waste)
•Dbol @ 30mg ED for 5 weeks to kickstart

The questions:
•How high is the probability of that dosage test along with the dbols to aromatise? I have arimidex ready but I’d prefer to use nolvadex/tamoxifen when things get out of control. I just wanna lower estrogen, not completely cut it out
•My pct will consist of nolva and clomid. Is HCG really needed? The reason I’m asking is because HCG isn’t really available in my country.

Thanks in advance! :muscle:

Skip the dbol. There, we solved your e2 problem. Take adex as needed with the test. You may need none, you may need a little, you may need a lot (unlikely but possible). Don’t take it unless you need it.

As far as HCG goes I’m a fan, but it is not strictly necessary for your purposes.

How old are you? What’s your goal here? What are your current stats? Etc.

Noted. Gonna buy some adex just in case.

As for the HCG, I think I’m gonna skip it then. Don’t wanna try and buy some from a foreign lab.

My age: 23 years old
Stats: Would have to convert everything into lb’s and tbh I’m a bit lazy for that. (We use kg’s in South Africa)
My goal: To bulk up as much as possible, looking to add at least a stone of muscle.
Workout is on point
Diet is on point

I was thinking of running 300mg test per week at first, just to test the water but then again you only get ONE first cycle. Can I keep the dbol in there if I have adex on hand? Could drop my bf% down a bit to help prevent gyno but at the moment I’d like to bulk up first

What’s your height/weight /BF%?

Height is 5,7ft
Weight is 198lb
Bf is around 17%

You need to cut.

Its your first cycle so I don’t like the idea of cutting on a first cycle. But you def don’t need dbol right now and I highly suggest you keep your diet only slightly above maintenance. If you get carried away with bulking with your current stats your just going to look like a sloppy brick house when your done then your gonna spend the rest of the year trying to trim back down

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Dbol aromatise a lot. Some people handle high e better than other you just need to find out for yourself.