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I Need Help with My Bloodwork Numbers


In a nut shell (52 yr old male, 6’1 220 not much body fat) I will explain my situation: I started taking Test cyp (pharma grade) about 6 months ago. I’m injecting 400mg a week. (200mg twice a week every 3 or 4th day) In the beginning first few weeks I noticed a change in my libido (felt like 20 again) with morning erections etc, strength gains etc. After about a month I noticed I was still making gains strength wise and physique wise but my libido and morning erections were just about gone. I did all the blood work and the results are

Test free 37.7
total Test 1110
Estradiol 60.0
Estrone 50.0

3 Months later
I brought my concerns to my Dr and he put on 0.5 mg of Anastrazole 2 times a week. In about 8 to 10 days I started noticing morning erections and increased libido etc. This lasted about 2 weeks and again went back to low libido and No morning wood. Did more blood (2-17-2017) work and the results are about the same

Free test 38.4
Total Test 1050
Estrone 82
Estradiol 58.3

Obviously it’s a estrogen level and I guess my question would be what is my next step…my Dr decided just this weekend to keep me on the original 0.5 Anastrazole twice a week. I have all my blood work available if need to be seen if that will help.


Your E2 is just too fucking high. Dose for Adex is 1mg/100mg of Test. So you need about 4mg/week and you’re only taking 1 mg/week. I’d double at first and see what happens. If your Dr wont support the increase in Adex, then you will probably have to go either to and Underground lab or the “research chemical” routes.

Good luck


I think you nailed it! we will see, been taking 0.5 each day since last
Saturday and already noticing a difference, fingers crossed thanks for the advice.


careful, dont crash it. I was taking too much and my E2 dropped to 11. I never had any noticeable side effects though. Had to get blood work to find out