I Need Help with Getting My Dream Body

What’d you have for breakfast today?

2 bowls of cereal 2 lenny and larrys complete cookies.

Oh man…

Thats not too bad. Carbed up nice and had some protein cookies

So, over 1,000 calories with maybe 25ish grams of quality protein.

To speak in a language you’ll understand:


I’ll throw this in for the op.

A little while ago I asked @T3hPwnisher for advice on building muscle, and the answer he gave me is the same exact as the one posted in this topic

You can bet on it—right now I’m following this advice and doing just that.

Wanna have a lil challenge? Let’s see who can stick to that plan.


Should i count calories or meals. Nothing I eat is the same thing everyday due to the quantity of food in the house. Chris said I should gain 40 lbs. So I’ll keep doing my dumbbell stuff but then add bodyweight stuff everyday. Then when school hits I do 5/3/1.

Why can’t you go to a gym already? I have 15-16 years-old in my gym

Cuz his dad is afraid of fruit loops

(his own words)


I just realized that should say Deep Water intermediate rather than advanced.

Not that it will matter though.


Yeah I noticed that but thought it was some sort of joke of yours that I wasn’t getting lol

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Chris said you’ll need to gain at least 40 pounds to look similar to the guy whose physique you’re aiming for. It’s not some number I pulled out of thin air.

Meals. Three a day, seven days a week. Animal protein, carb source, and healthy fat in each one. Check the food categories here.

Weigh yourself once a week, before eating or drinking anything/after using the bathroom. If that number isn’t going up every time you check, increase the quantity of each meal.

I sincerely doubt you have the patience or consistency to count calories, since that means accurately tracking portion sizes and calculating the macros for everything you eat. Stick to basic principles.

And when school hits, you should weigh 195 or more.


I think this is what 90% of people that are trying to gain or lose weight need to do. Builds good habits all over.

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I’m genuinely amazed that people are being patient with you and still giving you good advice; even non-lifting related in your other threads. The rest of the work is up to you, kid. It’s up to you to make use of the information you have and produce results.


Word to the wise, don’t take @samul on in a compliance challenge.


I think your posts have gone on mute again.

What happened to SuperSquats by the way? That used to be your goto “pirate map”

People wouldn’t do the program because you had to read a $15 book first…

Super Squats is the 20rep squat thing rigth?


wait, I didn’t actually have to buy the ebook for Deepwater? :frowning: