I Need Help with Getting My Dream Body

My guess is that 100 chin ups in a session and 200 dips is going to take a long, long time.

OP, correct me if I’m wrong

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It’s not a problem since my brother spends a long time in the gym. Could be a problem during the school year. Nah not really cause I have strength and conditioning next year. We’re not supposed to but I do whatever i want in there. I hope I get the cool teacher but doesn’t matter regardless.

Well @T3hPwnisher is much bigger and stronger than almost anyone else who’s going to offer you advice on here. His resume is on the flame free confession thread. Success leaves clues.

@flipcollar is also big and strong, if he gives advice, it will be worth listening to.


Never heard of him, but it turn out that he said he’s “Walking around between 222-228” when he took that pic. And I’m gonna guess he’s shorter than you. “Eating at maintenance” will not help you reach your goal.

You need to eat to gain 40+ pounds. You were “180ish” in March and 185 now, four months later. That’s not how you fill space.

The best plan, since you’re headed back to the gym with your bro, is to get back on any kind of consistent program lifting 3-5 days a week and start posting in your log again.


The fact he has a “passion for lifting” and only trained twice a week means, to me, he won’t get through these programs.


I’ll prove you wrong. I’m not motivated by dumbbells besides it was working training twice a week.

Sounds more like a passion for barbells then.

Why do you always have an attitude with me?

I apologize if you feel that way. Do you feel my interpretation is incorrect?

Somewhat. I still do dumbbell stuff even if i don’t like it. I like barbells more. It’s more fun.

But if you were focused on your goal, you could still work towards it with bodyweight movements and dumbbells.

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I would again intepret that to mean you do not have a passion for lifting. You find barbells fun.

You cited a dictionary at me before. Surely you agree that language is important.

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Being motivated by results will get you further.


Brother changed his mind. :confused:

If there’s a will, there’s a way. Grit is an important thing that will get you places.


Your goals can change, and they should change based on your circumstances.

Why not max out your dumbbell stuff? Why do it 2x a week when you have them at home and can do it daily? Why not do daily bodyweight stuff?

At your level, bodyweight squats, single leg squats, single leg RDLs,dumbbell RDLs, pushups, dumbbell shoulder press are all low hanging fruit. Between these and the stuff you posted that you already do, you could have a 4x a week full body workout

If you can do all those for high reps and build muscle over the summer, barbell work will be easier later on.

Or, if you have a passion for lifting, you could do it daily. Or twice daily. Fuck it, when I was your age I was doing pull up and core work 3/4 times a day on top of climbing 4/5 times a week and a few gym sessions (lifting like an idiot, but still). I had a passion for what I was doing.

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I can do daily bodyweight stuff?

You can do any sort of training daily if you correctly control volume and intensity.


I don’t think you have the ability, at this point, to do anything you couldn’t recover from in 3 hours.

So, when in doubt, do more.