I Need Help with Getting My Dream Body

South Dakota. Thanks for those links! The state meet is in Sioux Falls (biggest city in the state) every year - I knew about that one, but it’s a few hours away and I was just hoping something was closer. Completely doable though, so I won’t be ruling it out. Otherwise looks like there’s a few in N.D., which isn’t too far, so I will also be checking those out. Unfortunately we don’t have much for any of the more, “unusual” sports here - strength sports, combat sports, etc., so if you want something, you gotta drive to get it. Oh well, not a huge deal.

Thanks dude!

I’ve driven and flown to comps all over. I’ve never had to drive more than about 5 hours, but I’ve flown to New York and Ohio to compete (from Texas), was supposed to compete in Australia a few weeks ago but injury kept me out. It is what it is. Driving a few hours to compete really isn’t a big deal. The tougher thing is finding a close, well equipped gym, for most people.

Also: check back on those sites regularly. I’d say about once a month. Most shows don’t get posted more than 3 months in advance on there, so you’ve got new ones popping up all the time.

EDIT: another good option would be to contact your state rep for each of the federations, and ask them to send you info when new shows get announced that are close to you. Every state has a rep. Most are happy to help newcomers to the sport. They can also tell you where you can find good places to train, and hook you up with other local competitors.

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My older brother is taking me as a guest to the gym. I can start a program since by the time he goes back to college I’ll have access to the school weight room. So what has worked for you guys?

Chris split my topic. I put that in the 5/3/1 section for a reason…

And I put it here for a better reason. For almost two weeks, you’ve been getting advice about how to get results. Maybe not spoon-fed “do this for these sets and reps”, but solid advice regardless. Absolutely nothing about your new thread was about 5/3/1.

You need less threads about training, more listening and more application. Like Maier pointed out, you’ve had dozens of threads to talk about training. You’ve averaged a new thread every single week for the last 8 months. That’s bananas.

In the last 12 days, since this “dream body” thread started, how many workouts have you done?

What did your most recent workout look like?

What did you eat yesterday?


I don’t remember what your goals are. What are your goals.

And Chris probably merged the topics because you’ve launched about 53 million nearly identical topics since you joined and they’re clogging up the boards.

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Strength and Size.

There’s so many 5/3/1 templates I was just asking what templates worked for others in Strength and Size.

I was doing dumbbell stuff. It was working and I was progressing eating at maintenance.

I like Boring But Big as a 5 3 1 template.

how many times have you lifted weights in the last 12 days?


But now I can have access to barbells. So i’m back to square one I guess. To take a wild guess I’m assuming it doesn’t matter what program?

I lifted twice a week

I did a 8-12-8

Workout A
Goblet squat
Floor press
Bent over row

Workout B
Romanian Deadlift
Shoulder Press
Bent over row

So you’ve invested all this time and effort, taken all of this advice from countless people in countless posts, over the past 8 months, and THAT is what you’re actually doing in the gym?

Why spend so much time on a weightlifting forum if you’re not going to apply what you’re learning?

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I’m doing this at home…

I couldn’t have access to a gym. I didn’t have any transportation. But now my older brother can drive me to the gym taking me as a guest.

No shit, size and strength. There was me thinking people lifted weights to get smaller and weaker.

What does big and strong look like to you? What do you hope achieving these goals will add to your life?

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They’ll make me feel better. I have long limbs. Lotta space to fill. I want to fill that space with muscle. Getting stronger is just fun.

Do BBB Beefcake. Then Building the Monolith. Then Deep Water Beginner and Deep Water advanced.


Be more specific, what do you want to look like?

Something like houston woods