I Need Help with Getting My Dream Body

Then you now know what your body comp looks like at 195lbs.

Nice pfp. Diggin the avengers tank top.

For anyone who ever felt like I was ignoring their advice on any thread. I sincerely apologize. Not a good feeling at all.

Thanks. Walmart sells them for $8.


Hey dude. @tlgains where’s your log? I’m interested in following along.

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Should I post stuff I’m only doing dumbbells and calisthenics stuff. I haven’t posted ever since the school weightroom closed.

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Yeah, post whatever you need for tracking/accountability

It would be nice to see what you’re doing out of the weightroom

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Ik I’m gonna ask later so, what’s the recommended TM percentage for BBB beefcake? Also there’s no pr set for the main sets right? The article said main work should be proportional to supplemental so I’m assuming.

Use 5s progression.

For TM, use something reasonable.

@tlgains the article recommends FSL weight for supplemental. It also recommends completing them in less than 20mins.

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Definitely doable during school.

It’s more the fact that 5 x 10 at FSL is a hefty workload, especially when done at pace.

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Yo god bless you guys. I am at a hotel and me and my bigger stronger 250 lb brother were messing around with bench. I put up 205 pretty easily tried 225 then bridged then oof. I preserved strength from following your advice for what do to over the summer. (Idk if this is right thread but close enough). I am so excited to get back in the weight room in the next 2 weeks when school starts.


I wanted to share pictures. :frowning: My chest looks like garbage. No matter what I did during 7th grade up to now, the lower portion always looked like crap. It’s always soft. I hate the shape it bothers me so much. I mean my chest had gotten bigger over the years so ig that’s cool.

Whats you last months worth of work out look like? do you have a log?

Hard to see you through all that mirror crust bro

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And nutrition would be useful too.

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You’re a kid you have plenty of time to make progress. Just put in the work.

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Hi Tim! Good to see you’re still training. Also, here’s a bit of friendly advice.

Dude, take your time with this shit. Don’t rush anything, because that’s how you get injured and stop training. Or, you could turn into a person with unrealistic progression timelines and quit lifting when you’re not where you thought you would be after a whole month and a half of hard work. Trust me, it seems long, but cycles fly by on 5/3/1.

And, not to go against @T3hPwnisher, because he’s strong as fuck and I always defer to him, but I think that doing some AMRAP sets with 5/3/1 would be a good idea for you. Learn how to be uncomfortable and still get your goal number of reps. That’ll get you stronger than you thought you could ever be. Also, what’s your overhead press? I haven’t benched in months and I still have a chest. I just do a lot of pushups and pressing work. I can do 80 full-range push-ups in a single set; and I can do 16 full range chin-ups in a single set. I can also deadlift around 435-440 pounds. I’m 180 pounds and 5’8”, by the way (so I’m a fat fuck with abs).

Another underrated tip - deadlifting builds the chest. There’s an isometric contraction in your pecs whenever you’re pulling heavy weights. People have torn their pecs deadlifting.

Achieving better body composition (I’m not gonna tell you to lose weight because having extra weight is a good thing) will also help you like your chest more.

Anyway, keep plugging away. You look better than the average human being, so something you’re doing is working.


Just to clarify, I’m only speaking in the context of BBB Beefcake. Going for rep PRs absolutely has a valuable place in training, but sometimes it’s just not the right time to do it.