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I Need Help with Getting My Dream Body

I’m 16 uhh probably 6 feet considering i’m taller than my 5 foot 11 older brother. I’m 185 lbs it’s lanky. All I have are dumbbells at home. Would it make sense to bulk when I only have dumbbells or should I bulk once I have access to barbells during the school year. I want to be like lower 200s. What I’m saying is I’ve been getting stronger from last fall up until now. But I’m still small and it sucks, long limbs don’t help too. How do I get bigger in muscle?

Eat well
Train consistently
Train appropriately
Repeat for many, many years.
Find solutions, not excuses.

And 185lbs at 6 foot could look phenomenal. The weight isn’t the issue in and of itself.


Do i have to do bulking and cutting cycles?

You’re 16, you’re gonna look lanky for some years to come. Just slowly build a good base and let the results come to you


So just keep eating and getting stronger?


You are 16, you are still growing. Where do you think the energy to grow muscle is going to come from if you begin stripping food?

The puppy fat will go as you become bigger and stronger and build work capacity.

Just eat a sensible diet.


It’s worth having an eye on what your dream body looks like and having an idea of what goes into it. Firstly, success leaves clues. Secondly, depending where you set your goals, this path may involve a lot of sacrifice. It would be smart to weigh up the pros and cons before you start, rather than halfway through.

You have created 31 threads since October. When are you just going to lift some darn weights? Stop wasting our time. You don’t listen to advice and keep asking the same questions with different words (and threads).

Try following the training logs of some of the experienced people around here. Don’t ask questions; just read, watch, and absorb.


At this point I’m really hoping you’re a troll

Join the army


He’s been putting in some work tho

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but you need to be patient and build a solid foundation with consistent training and nutrition.

Take advantage of where you are hormonally in your lifespan and don’t worry about bulking and cutting per se.

As you mature physically and psychologically, you’ll be be able to adjust your outlook and results.

I’m 5’11, and I weighed in at 174 for this contest. So at an inch taller and 10 lbs heavier, you could certainly look pretty decent. Your body weight is not the issue, it’s your body composition. I see no need to dedicate yourself to adding bodyweight, unless you already look like this, and are carrying very little bodyfat.



This looks says what we’re all thinking.


lol! That was a fun show. The truth is, I actually got stomped. I took last in 4 of the 5 events. It was my first time competing in strongman. Great learning experience. I thought I was strong as fuck for my weight class, and I clearly wasn’t. It was 2 years before I tried competing in strongman again.

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Have you ever competed in the Highland Games, or known anyone who has? I’m not sure if that’s the 100% correct name, but you know. I’ve been researching strongman events in my area and there’s only 1, in my town, at the county fair every August, but they divide everyone into 2 teams and people only do 1 event. It’s too late to sign up for this year, but I plan on doing it next year. Preferably, I’d like to do multiple events though, and there is a Celtic fair every fall that I believe has a little competition - seems to mostly involve throwing events (although maybe that’s mostly what the sport is).

what area is that? I can’t remember, are you in the US? If so, these are the links to the 2 major amateur strongman organizations, with calendars for upcoming events: https://www.unitedstatesstrongman.com/

No, I’ve never competed in the highland games, but I know people who have. Looks like fun. I don’t really have any idea how to train for the specific events, but there are a few things that I think would be up my alley. I’m very good at throws in strongman.

I don’t have enough muscle mass to you look like that so I need to put on weight/bulk to get muscle mass.

no you don’t, that’s the point. If you can look like this at the bodyweight you’re at now, why we would you want to add weight?

Bulking/cutting cycles are an old-school, less efficient method of developing a quality physique, AND they’re more catered to people who compete in bodybuilding, where you need to be ‘peaked’ during competition season, and you can put on some fat in the offseason.

What you should be doing is lifting on a good program, consistently, and eating well while MAINTAINING your current bodyweight. Over time, the quality of your physique will improve. Eventually, you will look more like this, and then at that point, if you want to improve more, that would be the point where you consider adding bodyweight.

Does that make sense? Recomp your body now, then slowly start to add bodyweight once you’ve achieved your desired bodyfat level.


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Never thought of it that way.

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