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I Need Help with Eating in High School

Hi i’m Tim and 16 yrs old. My bodyweight hasn’t moved past 184 in awhile. It’s hard eating. Why? Time. Time is very precious and it’s hard getting calories in while dealing with highschool stuff and wanting to relax. What are some quick meals I can eat? Any tips for time management?

Just make the meals you are eating bigger… eat a second plate.


Peanut butter sandwich
Whole milk


4 scoops of whey a day. Takes about 1 minute to make up

Is your problem “no time to cook” or “no time to eat”

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Lmao! Welcome to high school, hardest perceived time of your life.


I saw a thing today on Facebook talking about all these kids graduating thinking they just finished the hardest part of their life. Made me chuckle.


Dude needs to learn how to relax while eat a couple cheeseburgers.

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Drink a shake with a banana, some peanut butter, milk, and protein powder (eggs would work fine too I assume) after every meal. Never skip a meal. Super quick and easy to make, and easy to eat.

Not word for word but I believe that comes from Jim himself.

Someone else…maybe Dan John or Dave Tate? said drink like a shot of olive oil. Disgusting, but quick, zero prep, and a decent amount of fat.

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Whole milk, peanut butter, a little olive oils on stuff(salads, garlic bread etc) , shakes with peanut butter, spaghetti with tons of hamburger meat, double cheeseburgers with real meat patties.

Calorie and protein dense foods. That’s the take away. Hamburger meat is a great way to add cals. You can go the grilled chicken white rice way but eating 3000 calories of that is a lot of food.

The two things I wish I learned how to operate when I was in high school were a slow cooker and a foreman grill. Learn how to use those NOW and you’ll never have a shortage of food.

Use the grill and grill some burgers on it. Make them in bulk and you’ll have them ready to zap in the microwave when you’re ready.

Use the slow cooker to make pot roasts, chili, meatballs, stew, etc. Hearty, meaty meals. Again, make them in bulk, keep them in the fridge and zap them when you need it. If you’re REALLY forward thinking, making a TON of them, freeze them and then thaw them when you want to eat them.


Loads of good suggestions already.

Jim a big fan of beef -Ask mom for large quality steak at least once a week for dinner

Get in as much as you can intra-workout without getting indigestion, juice/gatorade/bcaas etc…

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I’m same age as you and know it’s hard to eat a lot. I pretty much eat this every day.

Calories - Peanuts, cheap, 180gram = 1,050 calories, easy to eat

Protein - Chicken, Steak, Whey

Carbs - Pasta.

I used to have trouble eating and now I can easily eat 3500 calories a day. Find foods that you like and just eat as much of them throughout the day.

I can’t even cook beef. My mom won’t let it in the house cause it’s unhealthy. Yet she brings home fast food. Wouldn’t it be healthier to cook it. Everything is turkey in house. Can make frozen turkey burgers

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You could make non frozen turkey burgers too: just get ground turkey.

If that’s the case throw a couple table spoons of olive oil on the meat to fatten it up. Get ground turkey make patties and add olive oil and cook it. It’ll keep it from being dry and add a few hundred cals. Also olive oil is very good for you over all.

God I wish I had this problem I can clean a fridge with no effort.

Financial independence is an important thing.

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I am so screwed for lifting on Thursday. On Wednesday there’s an induction ceremony for National Honor Society. It’s at 6:00 and there’s like a million people. It’s gonna crush my diet on Wednesday.

It’s 1 day. It will have no impact on your goals.


I always been meaning to ask this question. Does it matter how much sleep you get at night besides the nights before you lift the next day?