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I Need Help With A Diet...

I need to set up a diet with at least 2000 calories i got the part with the omega fat and healthy food but i need to compose a diet thats 5 or six small meals and im not really the type of person who get tired of the same stuff so variation is not a big thing.

I knwo about Nuts(walnuts,pecans,almonds) they contain the omega 3 fat and i know of lean meat and chicken breast and so on being healthy foods but like i said i just don’t know how to synthesize a diet consisting of 2000 calories a day or so :smiley:

My objective is to lose fat and im planning to go hardcore for 3 months and then afterwards its just gradual loss or maintaining i really do not have the very first clue on how to start.

Read up bro. what are your goals with this diet. base each meal on protein and crabs/or fats and just go from there

How about you make a plan and then ask us to critique it


k will do