In the interview, Berardi reccomends “6-10g of EPA & DHA”
So If I am using the super maxEPA capsules-2 caps have a total of 3 grams of fat BUT only 750mg of EPA & DHA specifically.
So do I just get 6-9g of fat total ie: 4 caps or does it nee to be 6-10g of the EPA & DHA? IE: 8-12 caps? Please help!

Dont make this more complicated than it has to be…6-10g of EPA/DHA means just that! So if each 2 caps has 750mg, then you need 8 750mg servings per day to reach 6g of EPA/DHA. That means 16 caps per day. Split them up over your meals. With that said, however, its usually easier and cheaper to get the oil rather than caps.

I disagree with you Mr. Berardi. 6 capsules is more than enough to reap the insulin sensitivity benifits of Max EPA caps. If one is really cutting calories 16 caps may be way too much. thats 50 more g of muscle sparing protein one could add instead of a bunch of fish oil…

Well then you disagree with his rec. for amount to be taken not his logic as to how many caps to take.

You should take a tbs of flax oil instead. It’s much more agreeable. It has about 10g of Omega 3 fatty acids and these are converted into the fish oil acids. Mr. Bernardi may recommend more than 1tbs a day but it’s much better than swallowing (and much cheaper) a bunch of pills.

4 caps is plenty!

Ok guys…less EPA DHA than 6-10g is probably a waste of time. ALL the literature says this is the effective dose. And this might be conservative since its in people with less lean mass the bodybuilders.

So the “4 caps is enough” is a ridiculous comment. What do you base this on? If it’s just a feeling, then fine. But I base my recommendations on literature, not feelings.

In addition, the “16 caps is too many when cutting” is also unwarranted. 50g of fat is only 450 calories! Therefore for the average person eating 3000kcal, you have about 2550 to go! Even if you eat 300g of protein, thats 1200 kcal. Then you still have 1350 cals for extra carbs and fat.

Think before you post, huh?

Bottom line, some concentrated liquid fish oils have less cals and g of fat per g of EPA DHA. Thefore if you have calorie concerns, then go this route. But if youre not getting 6-10g epa dha, just leave the nasty tasting fish oil alone. Its not worth sucking it down for an ineffective dose!

John, I am trying to get in the 6-10 grams of DHA and EPA a day like you recommend. I take about 9 dale alexander caps, calculates out to be about 3.5 grams DHA/EPA. I then eat a can of salmon a day. This has 35 grams of fat. I am not sure how to calculate DHA/EPA in this. Do you think that would get me to 6-10 grams a day. The salmon sure is cheaper than the caps. Thanks.

If you are worried about calories from fish oil caps try TwinEPA Extra Strength Fish Oil from Twinlab. One capsule has 15 calories and 840mg DHA EPA. Around 7 grams of DHA EPA would only be 120 calories from these caps (8 capsules).

couger, we were talking about the Twin EPA you see, they have a total of 3g of fat but only 750mg of epa & the other one. So you would need 16 caps per day!!!NOT COST EFFECTIVE

Another thing here guys.

Omega 3’s and Fish Oils ARE NOT the same thing. Think of omega 3’s as testosterone precursors and Fish oils as the Big T…here is a direct quote from the fat roundtable (as we always say…do a search for your topic and damn it, t-mag will produce the answer)…

"Also, it appears that because the fish oils are rich in (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), they are better suited to the health benefits we mentioned. Other omega 3 oils have a lot of alpha linolenic acid (LNA), but that omega 3 has to be converted into the more effective EPA and DHA. An analogy would be to compare LNA to prohormones while EPA and DHA are like testosterone. LNA gives some benefit by itself but is most effective when converted to EPA and DHA. So why not just give fish oils which are high EPA and DHA?"

Secondly, you guys are arguing about different products. If you go to netrition online or to the vitamin shoppe, you will find many types of liquid and capsule EFA's and fish oils. Search for EPA or DHA.

In fact TwinLab has a couple types of super EPA (TwinLab’s Dale Alexander Super MaxEPA, TwinLab’s Dale Alexander Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate, TwinEPA Extra Strength Fish Oil). But SuperEPA/DHA at vitamin shoppe is the best low-fat combo product Ive seen since it contains ONLY EPA and DHA (500 total mg) per capsule. And it’s a great price. However I like the products that have some other omega 3’s and oils in them. The Zone has a nice product for this (it also has a gram of epa and dha per serving).

So shop around and find what fits you best. But the rule still remains. 6-10g EPA/DHA per day.

As far as salmon heres a nifty little chart...

100g of the particular salmon contains the following amounts (g) of Omega 6’s, LNA, EPA, DHA.

Salmon, Atlantic 0.7 0.2 0.3 0.9

Salmon, chinook 0.6 0.1 0.8 0.6

Salmon, chum 0.4 0.1 0.4 0.6

Salmon, coho 0.7 0.2 0.3 0.5

Salmon, pink 0.4 Tr 0.4 0.6

Salmon, sockeye 0.6 0.1 0.5 0.7

Therefore most salmon varieties provide about 1g of EPA/DHA per 100g. 1 can is about 213g so therefore you will probably get about 2.13 g of EPA/DHA per can of salmon, .2-.4g of LNA per can, and from 1.2-1.4g of Omega 6’s.

Confused, No you were talking about Mega EPA. I just looked at the nutrition facts on the bottle of TwinEPA and it was 840mg EPA DHA per capsule. 8 caps would give you 6.7 grams. Check out Netrition on the web they sell both products so you can compare yourself.

John B, I remember you saying in a post awhile back that the Sam’s Culub, Members Mark Fish Oil caps were a good quality and a great price, do you still recomend them??

They are good too (members mark). Im just providing alternatives. I forget how much EPA DHA is in a serving relative to the total fat content. Either way, as long as you are getting the 6-10g you are fine.

Hey JB, I just ordered up some Super MaxEPA Emulsified liquid after comparing a bunch of prices on fish oils. Have you used this product? Does it need to be refrigerated? By the way guys the cheapest place I have found for fish oils is Vitacost. It has better prices than Netrition or Vitamin Shoppe.

Does tuna have any EPA/DHA in it? Just curious because I eat a can of both salmon and tuna each day. That’s about all the fish I eat.

For those of you who prefer caps, the cheapest price I’ve found anywhere is Jarrow’s MaxDHA at iherb. I think it works out to 11 cents per gram EPA/DHA combined, which makes it twice as cheap as the the Vitaminshoppe brand. And there’s not much extra fat.

The members mark fish oil caps have 360mg EPA and 240mg DHA per two capsules.

Does Flax oil contain any EPA or DHA?
It says 7.7 gm of omega-3/ serving but doesn’t list the specific omega-3’s.

nar it contains LNA which our cells convert into DHA/EPA