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I Need Help to Make a Program for My Girlfriend

Hi my girlfriend want start to training and loose a bit fat (hips) even i dont see so much fat but still she want so i want help as i can. She can’t go to the gym, so i want help her to training in this house.

She have some dumbbell a she is ok for buy some stuff, i was thinking for a fullbody for start and running.

Something like that

Goblet squat 4 sets
Pull up with resistance band for the begining
Dips but step by step
Dumbbel lunge
Curl barre

Running 2* time a week, full body 2* a week

Her diet is already good, so if u can help to make it better maybe is shit what i make, thank u

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For what it’s worth, I think it’s always a bad idea to mix the roles of partner and coach. My advice then, as always, is to point her in the direction of someone else who can help her such as a program or approach that’s already written, a coach who can help her or some kind of community that will help her.


What’s wrong with it? Doesn’t Stefi Cohen coatches her husband, or Chad Wesley Smith his girlfriend who’s a world class athlete?

@kolyma make her do what she likes and motivates her. Not a big fan of running when overweight but if she likes it sure! Walking is great as well. Then whatever activity/split

Might be a bit bold lol unless you have a good deal of bands. Go with something easy at first so that she learns the patterns like:

Goblet squat and lunges
Banded rows/pull-downs
Banded presses and extensions
Banded good morning
Bodyweight glute bridges

Oh boy…


I’m sure it can work, but that seems like a bit of a gamble to take, particularly when weight loss is a primary goal. Just think your way through some of the conversations you may have to have with a client, especially a female fat loss client, and then consider how that would affect any future romantic relationship.

Perhaps I’ve been out of the romantic game for too long to grasp it, and indeed I can see how it could cause problems, but I firmly believe honesty is the way to go.

As I say, I’m sure it could work with the right people. I’m just sure it wouldn’t be productive for myself and my better half and I’m not alone in that.

I think there is a big difference between world class athletes and people – who clearly aren’t coaches – asking strangers on the Internet how to coach their significant other.


You don’t have to stand over your girl with a whistle and a clipboard and be all grumpy like it’s a Rocky movie.

“Coaching” can just be you two doing things together. Except while everything is new and exciting for her, you know what’s going to happen next so you can steer the activities in the right direction.

Running is pretty terrible, I agree taking a nice walk with your girlfriend a few times a week might work out better.

Lunges are good, goblet squats are good. Don’t forget some kind of hamstring -bending over move like dumbbell romanian deadlifts or band good mornings or something.

Anyway, it can be a little tricky to workout with your woman. But it’s totally worth it when you have some fun together. And your Brotege makes some progress!

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Ahahah thank, and Zen, she will training alone, i don’t give a fuck of fat, i already like her, she just ask me, iam not a fucking coach (sorry) for them, i don’t like push peoples, do what u want to do and lets me peaceful, she know that. I am a peaceful personn, i know how to deal woth girl and men in general, social interaction, thank to be care but dont worry aha u make me laugh (not all of u)

Training is my garden, i want me alone when i training with a book for the rest time, i will not training with her, i dont want, for sure i will have the pulsion to fuck if i training with her, so i prefere stay alone for that.

She just want make good body and i want help her as i can, because she ask me to write a program for her, I don’t like so much girl with to much muscles and so on, a bit athletic is much pretty ( in my view)

I will ask what she like, but i believe than a bit cardio swimming or whatever is good, just gym for gym is a bit limited in my view.

Goblet squat and lunges
Banded rows/pull-downs
Banded presses and extensions
Banded good morning
Bodyweight glute bridges

I will give that, thank aldebaran, i will not to be her coach bagsy, what wrong for ask advice to some stranger in a forum ?

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That’s awesome! Sometimes you just get that pulsion!


Maybe i got u wrong, i read u again, sorry, u was saying the same than me

I think there is a big difference between world class athletes and people – who clearly aren’t coaches – asking strangers on the Internet how to coach their significant other.

Not English so can be hard somethime

Thank all of u for the time and advice


Banded presses and extensions ? Can u help me to find a video of this exercises, thank

Your English is fine. Pursuing mastery of a foreign language is commendable.


No is not so good, iam really a fucking lazy man aha, i need to learn the rules of Gramma and blabla but is so bored, for me if i can talk like that is enough

But this forum are nice really, i find always good peoples for advices and talk, with respect, i like it

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Yeah exactly! I’ve had two exes come to me for programming or exercise form or recommendations and they really enjoyed it.

You’re completely right there. Got blinded by my own experiences.

Faire juste des développés (militaire ou couché) et des extensions triceps avec des bandes, ça sera déjà une bonne mise en bouche, les pompes risquent d’être trop dures, même sur une plateforme surrélevée, les dips n’en parlons même pas! À moins que tu parlais des dips triceps là avec les bras derrière le corps, dans ce cas pas de soucis!

En gros ca serais

Squat haltère

Développer militaires ( le temps qu’elle achète un banc) et la ça doit douiller de ouf avec la situation actuelle de merde)


Dips assis

Tractions bande résistance

( mais c’est claqué ca non ? ) Tu sens rien, tu penses pas ça passerait mieux des tractions avec pied suspendu et bande verte puis bleu ect ? Deux jambes puis une jambe progressivement et quand elle progresse on reduit la résistance de l’elastic ?

3 fois dans la semaine, 5 exercices, 4 series pour un début je pense que ca ira, après 2 mois je verrais, ou séances aha je verrais si elle en demande plus ou non