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I need help. Starting over

I am starting over. A year ago I had to stop due to things going on in my personal life. I finally got those things taken care of.

My problem is this. I still have all my protien mixes, supliments and vitamines vacume packed. But I don’t remember the times to take what vitemines. I remember i take magnisium and zinc after the gym and that is about it.

My routine is basically this

Monday - raquit bal
Tuesday upper body
wednesday lower body
thursday - swimm
friday - upper body
Saturday - lower body
Sunday - swimm

my weight is 280 lbs with a body fat of about 40%.

my diet is 300 Grams of protien a day and vegitables. no carbs or starches.

(all supliments come from Biotest)
mag 10

Please help what you can. Just started again.

You need help with your spelling.

I am sorry. I didn’t realize this was an english training board. I thought it was for people that wanted help with health, fitness and training advise.

I see this board has really changed in my absence.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Don’t worry 'bout it Crb. Some people have nothing better to do than criticize.
Take a good look at some of the diets in past issues. The t-dawg 2.0 is a good one and is pretty easy to follow and stay on.
Also look at some of the other training regimens offered in the issues. Great advice from people who actually know what they are talking about.
Once you get that in order then see where your supps will fit in to the program.
Good luck.
BTW, this site is much better than it used to be. Stay on and you’ll see.

If you need ideas on dieting tampa-terry is always ready with solid advice.
Use the search engine on the left and punch in t-dawg 2.0 you’ll hit some loong threads with plenty of wonderfull advice.
With regards to your intake of suppliments i never thought timing of mineral intake was that important. Most people take zinc and magnesium right before bed in the form of zma, as it helps with sleep and boosts t-levels in those who are deficient in these particular micro nutrients.
Vitamin c a couple of hours prior to lifting (will help combat soreness), calcium+iron not with your multi.
But seriously don’t sweat it just enjoy starting up, and strive to get the micronutrients you need from your food.
Welcome back :slight_smile:
(btw my spelling and grammar sucks too -because I am european, but I try to participate anyway :slight_smile: )

You need to provide a little more detail about your diet and training. It would be much easier to help you then.

Hey crbhoss, way to get back on the wagon and get into shape- check out the “diet manifesto” here:

there’s lots to choose from and if you are serious, you can do the number crunching and what not yourself. I think you could lose just as much fat and maintain or build more muscle on one of the manifesto plans rather than just restrict yourself to veggies and protein. You’ll be happier for sure! If you have any questions about diet or training after you have done your research, fire away! Good luck,

I honestly have to wonder how someone could misspell swimm, vegetable, and ball.

On a topic related note, I’ve read that zinc isn’t a very good supplement at all. I believe someone posted a link to an American Journal of Sports Medicine article about that, or some publication of that nature.

Surge is PWO, don’t know anything about other supps.

You dont need 300 g of protein, regarless of you LBM thats to much for 40 percent bodyfat. I would up your health fats more, and keep protein around 200g, and a ton of veggies, and get some good fiber in like perfect fiber seed allso just whey and glutamine and glycine postworkout (CP_s rule. Give heavy bag intervals a try, for cardio. in the am on an empty stomach.

I would like to thank all those who replied to my question and offered some great advise.

I am researching all advice given and see which ones are best for me.

Once again, thank you all


P.S. I hope my spelling doesn’t offend any one this time.