I Need Help Once Again

What kind of workout should I make now that I have my bench, , dumbbell bars, curl bar, barbell, and more plates? So far my weight workout is(in order):

Bench Press

and nothing else this day. What should I add? I want to balance my workout. I wanted to follow the 10x3 for fat loss but I cant do that since I can’t do the chin ups from home.

The next day I do 20 minutes on the treadmill. Although I am going to switch it up this next week by jump roping for 10 minutes instead.

if you have one of those compact home gym things you could do something with the pull down system.
Or just replace the chin ups with something else and follow the rest of the program :slight_smile:

Or get yourself one of these things, I’ve never used one before but they don’t look to bad

If you’re lifting for fat loss, I dunno off the top of my head (I’m still up from 24 hours ago and kind of fuzzy in the brain right now from lack of sleep). If you’re lifting for muscle gain, follow Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Beginner’s program. Simple, straight to the point. Push the intensity hard while maintaining form, that’s the only way to progress. When that program stops working, change up to something else.

Well I am pretty sure I do not need to follow the 10 x 3 program strictly. I can already visibly see that I have lost some of my body fat(was 17% when i started) with most of what I am already doing. I am going to check out Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Beginner’s program. Because I do need to put on muscle. I am kind of just looking for another 2-3 things to add to my weight routine.

Squats/deadlifts balance each other out. You’ve got a quad-focused movement and a hip-focused movement.

Bench Pressing and Barbell Rows balance each other out. Add these in.

It wouldn’t hurt to add a vertical element to your workouts. Just to switch it up on your upper body, throw in Military Presses and pullovers (ideally pulldowns, but if you don’t have a pullup bar, pullovers should suffice).