I NEED HELP! lots of pain in my shoulders

Im 43 years old i have been working out steady since january and starting to get strong now that im getting ok weight up (benching 315)a few weeks ago im getting pinching in my shoulder to my elbow between my tricep and bicep and making me very weak now its in both shoulders and hurting bad when pushing any heavy weight somebody tell me what this is and how to get threw this pain

This has happened to me also. You need to take 2 weeks off while consuming plenty of healthy food. Feel free to squat but I wouldn’t deadlift since you have to use your arms technically. It could be your tendon in your shoulder is not growing at the same rate as your muscles to accomodate the heavy weight. If you use steroids, this problem is exasperated. Proper stretching in you upper body should be performed. Look at Ian Kings “Lazy mans guide to stretching”. If you are using reps under 8 reps, after your 2 weeks off, use reps above 10, preferably 12 for a month. I did ALL of the following steps and I no longer have this problem. However, I only had it in my left shoulder. You might even try not bar or dumbell benching for a while and resorting to a machine. Your problem is serious and should not be ignored even though it is a total pain in the ass (or shoulder haha). Hope this helps, ~PorchPooch

Look up “Unstable shoulders” on the forum. Eric Cressy, Chad W. and others gave me alot of good info for bad shoulders. :wink: