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I Need Help Losing Fat and Build Muscle!


Hi! I’m Haley and I’m 17 years old. Every other week I alternate between Crossfit and weightlifting (so one week of one activity) and do this 4 times a week. I’m 5’4.5" and weight 128lbs. I’ve had some help from my sister’s macho boyfriend, but it it any tailored to help a female. I’m okay with gaining weight because that will mean I’ll be building muscle. I need some major help with my nutrition. I eat healthy 6 smaller meals a day and incorporate a liot of protein. I haven’t seen my boy change at all and I was wondering if there’s something big I’m missin like don’t eat a ton of carbs or anything… My goal is to have a flat stomach and thinner thighs by the spring break (the middle of March), but that might not be realistic. I used I have an eating disorder, so it is also important to me that I don’t get obsessed with controlling my food intake again. Any ideas to help me lose a little fat and build muscle?