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I Need help, I'm weak

Alright T-Men, I need help. I’m sick of being weak and puny. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years, but I can’t get my bench above 250. It’s pathetic and I need help in getting stronger. I don’t want to have to resort to the juice, help me.

whats the matter tito, too much of a pussy to stick yourself in the ass with a needle…ME TOO!! now we don’t have to. MAG-10…nuff said!!

You might want to try the westside methods. They have been a blessing for me. I have constantly gained when not injured (from my own mistakes). My tris have grown like weeds because of all the assistance work. I usually get from 15-20 pounds every 8 week cycle on westside. It really is a good system.

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Yeah that’s good advice: Don’t want to work hard? Take a pill instead!

Tito don’t get discouraged, 250bench does not mean your weak. I read somewhere that the average guy can bench about 160. Just keep on working.

Justin are you a natural trainer, I want to implement Westside training but am curious if it works for regular guys with jobs and no chemical assistance. Thanks.

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