I Need Help - HCG Alternatives

I was a member on here “slammiam”. IDK what happened…can’t recover my account. In any case, I’ve been on TRT for about 8 years now. When HCG compounding pharmacies stopped production, I switched to Pregnyl…but now that’s getting really hard to find. I don’t want to get off of HCG in case when I’m older I have to stop TRT for whatever reason ( polycythemia, etc. ).

What are my options? HCG and analogues are getting scarce.


Seems like an odd reason to take HCG. “IF” you get off TRT HCG isn’t a requirement to a PCT.

I think the guys taking HCG “just because” is part of what is hampering production and increasing demand, but that’s just me

I tried with and without. I feel better overall with some natural Test in my system…I can’t explain why, but there is a difference for me. What I mentioned was really a secondary concern. I figure if I have to come off, maintaining natural production via HCG would make it easier and reduce the risk of permanent castration.

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Unless polycythemia runs in your family, it’s a bit odd to be planning for a future polycythemia diagnosis. It won’t be long before there is a cure, treatment or injection which will stimulate the pituitary gland for those with secondary hypogonadism.

There was already something similar on the market a few years back, was very expensive and caused carpal tunnel and diabetes.

Normally for those that need to stop TRT, there is clomid and HCG restart protocols.

HCG increases other hormones and is why some men feel good on HCG.

I already have TRT induced Polycythemia and have to do therapeutic blood donations every 3 months. The danger with going no HCG is if you ever had to get off due to complications, you run the risk of never starting again, or a prolonged recovery, such as 1-1.5yrs.

This isn’t common, a typical case returns to baseline fairly quickly.

It’s been done for years for guys restoring fertility, hop off, get the wife pregnant and hop back on.

I misunderstood, I thought you wrre talking about polycythemia vera.

Kisspeptin or gonadorelin, but half life is so short, you have to inject every 2 hours.

Some compounding pharmacies have stopped making hCG. It is still readily available, though.