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I Need Help Getting Big


info about me
I am 511 i weight 160 pounds right now i been work out 1 year and 7 month i cant seem to gett and size to my self or weight my diet is pretty clean and good it would be good if i get some help here i want to reach 180 in july


Lift harder and eat more...alot more. Maybe eat less clean. You didnt give much info.


Eat eat eat.



diet isnt my main concerned it the work out that is what other info can i provide?


Maybe that is your problem.

As long as you are consistent in the gym, lifting progressively heavier weights, and not neglecting any major body parts, you are fine. You need to make sure you are eating enough protein and total calories to elicit growth.

180 lbs should not be difficult to achieve.




Yeah, do crunches and curls, brother.
Don't forget to eat your vegetables and say your prayers.


BTW, if you are simply asking for advice on how to train because you are new to this, my bad (though it should probably be asked in the beginner's section).

I think there are some articles called 'training for newbies' or something if you search for it in the upper right corner.


Have you learned nothing reading here? Eat you could reach 180 in December.

And I know you will get fat right?

In that case keep doing what ya been doing. You will probably see fast results and you'll be huge in no time.


there's no hope for you till you get your head out of your ass and listen to the suggestion. Till then, good luck hitting 180 by July, LOL


Post something helpful if not save your wise ass remarks to yourself.

To the OP, 180 is reachable by July. You're going to have to increase your calories. Post what you eat on a workout day and on a non workout day. Also, when I was stuck at a weight for a while, I added another meal on my workout day. It was a a cup/cup and a half of oatmeal with some fruit and a two scoops of protein. I ate this about 2 to 3 hours after my workout and I did see improvements. Don't be afraid to loose your abs. Give us more info so we can help you out.


The OP has apparently done no research, no searching, no reading. He expects it all to be laid out for him. He deserves wise ass remarks


I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. At least the OP wants to make some progress. That is why I asked him for more information.


are you serious? the guy asked for advice. several told him to eat more. he doesn't think he needs to eat more, just work harder. That apparently isn't working, nor will it. And he set a goal of 180 by July. so, I guess he should hit 171 by Dec, 172 by Jan, etc, kind of hard to track.

benefit of the doubt? yeah ok.

I gave up on benefit of the doubt by like the 3rd post, maybe you should have too


Thank You for all the helper and FK u too all the hater
My meal 1 1scoop of whey protien+fruti+flexseedoil+2slices of bred+jam
Meal2 Chicken+rice+veggie
Meal3 egg+bread+fruit
Meal4 NOexplod
After work out protien shake
Meal 6 veal+rice+salad+bean
Meal 7 Casin protien shake


Obviously you need to double up on the N.Oexplode

You have to give us some idea on portion size. Listing What you eat is pretty much useless without the actual amount of calories.


some of my best gains came from eating at mcdonalds and similar junk food. I dont know why; but whenever i went really clean on my diet i could not gain and made this mistake for years.


First of all, just about every response that you've gotten was exactly the answer(s) that you requested. You cannot out train a lack of calories. If you want to gain weight/muscle, then you've got to give your body some materials to work with.

Clearly, as you stated yourself, you are not gaining weight/muscle, so you are not taking in enough calories. People told you to eat more, some more harshly than others, but just about everyone said the same thing.

LOL. Yeah, seriously, fuck the NOexplode. Save your money on buying fancy supplements and spend it on more food. Or, if you really have your heart set on buying supplements, at least spend it on a decent weight gainer to help you get in more calories.

Nitric Oxide boosters cannot build muscle. And while creatine can help your muscles prolong their strength endurance and retain water (which can in fact help you gain weight), it's not going to do much if you aren't already taking in enough calories. It's more of an icing on the cake, than the actual cake itself.

Exactly. And regardless of how much you are eating, it's not enough. Eat more of these same foods at each meal, or add in meals.


Meal one add another scoop of protein or some egg whites/whole eggs.

Meal 2 looks fine. Add some fats.

Meal 3 replace it with something like meal 2 add some mixed nuts.

Meal 4 is not even a meal. Replace that with a recovery drink.

Meal 5 should be a a post recovery drink.

Meal 6 did not understand but make it a protein and carb.

Meal 7 have the shake or include meal 3.




Lift more weight each week. When you fail to do that for a few weeks in a row, it is time to eat more.

Do that for a few years and you will be big. That is as true as it gets.