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I need help from the wiser

I have a problem or maybe its not I worked out for four months by myself using a three days on one day off when I started I bought an olympic weight set and i was 170 Lbs 4 months later I was 195 Lbs I was benching 170 for three sets of ten for incline flat & decline in one workout with my biceps and forarms my max was 240 on flat press i had a friend spot me I got to where by myself lifting somtimes i would get stuck on my regular sets and have to roll the bar down my torso to throw it down.
know its been seven months since I started i still weigh the same i have been slacking the last three months just started back and i still have never got my chest sore my legs get sore easy but my upper body does not any body want to help!

Sorry, what was the question? You might want to try a periodization program. Start with adding just a few periods at first, and then gradually increase your use of periods until you can form a cohesive paragraph.

Good GAWD man, give a guy a warning befor making me laugh that damm hard.

What the hell was that? I see one period between down and know (which I am guessing was supposed to be “now”).
I “think” what you are asking is why your upper body doesn’t get sore, but your lower body does. Is that right?

Yeah dustin you know i thought about answering your question but then i figured hey this guy doesn’t even have the decency to try to make it easier on the people he’s asking for help so why should i bother wtf man get a fucking clue your post is just insulting

Hey Dustin, it’s me! Your good friend The Wiser! Regarding your problem… I can’t help you! Sorry!! I can’t figure out what the hell you’re trying to ask me.

as long as you are making gains either in your strength levels or your size or your volume training then you should not worry. It all depends on your goals. your goal should not be to get sore. Too much soreness means that you destroyed the muscle pretty hard and it would require a lot of time to rest. hope this helps laters pk

You know I really don’t know if I could ever type out a full paragraph without one period I should try it sometime and see what happens damn I just did and none of this makes any sense sure wish I could help this guy out but I couldn’t really understand a thing he was saying I wonder why

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 Dude, ever hear of a little thing called gramar? Im having a very hard time figuring what it is that u mean exactly.
 Anyhow, when it comes to making gains with you workouts there 2 things 90% ALWAYS overlook and look baffled they havent made any gains - U moron, of course u dont make gains because u have no ida what ur doing.
 1) U HAVE to be consistent with your workouts. U cat workout for 4 months, slack for 3 month, then expect to be the next Arnold. 1 week is all u need for rest AFTER uve been working out consistently for at least 6-8 weks. let me say that word again -CONSISTENTLY!
2)U have to be consistent with your diet. Write down your own diet designed for YOUR specific needs (bulking up or trimming down), with 6 meals in mind, and a post workou sake immediately afer ur workout, as well as 1.5 g protein/lb of body weight. This is all VERY basic, an if u havent seriously and consistently aplied these two guidelines, u wont ever make any decent gains, and ur purely wating ur time at the gym, as well as ur spotter's time. I firmly believe that wether ur bulkigor trimming down, u should NEVER have sugar in ur diet - with th exception o immediately aftr ur workout, where ull have maltodextrin or dextrose, but NOT sucrose found in regular sugar (sucrose will break down into both glucose and fructose. frctose does nothing for muscle gains. it does not replenish muscle glycogen - instead it replenihes only the liver, and since it does not stimulate insulin release to any large extent, necessary after ur workout, it doesnt speed up protein uptake to your muscles.)
The rest of your carb intake should consist almost solely of grains such as barley, BROWN rice, beans and lentils, and pasta. Also make sure u tke in sme flax seeds or oil ( get em at a healh food store). its rich in omega 3 fats, which wil increase ur testosterone, as well as stimulate fat burn. 
these are some of my guidelines, but dude, U HAVE to be consitent. If u only eat ur diet or do your workouts righ once in a while, its like saying 'im on a diet in between pizza and soda meals'. In other words ull still look the same 3 months from now, 1 year from now, 2, 5 years from now, if ur nt consistent.

Hi, Dustin. Good advice from pkradgreek. In addition to that, be sure to search the article archives here on t-mag. There’s a search engine for the forum (on the home page) and another one for the articles (searches by subject or author). Even though the real-life experience from some of the forum members is worth its weight in gold, the article archives will give additional information on the topic. Try typing in the word “sore” or “recovery.”

Dustin, you will make good gains at first, but they will not always be so fast or easy. Don’t worry about soreness, pay more attention to increasing your reps or weights. If that is happening, you are doing fine. If you stop making progress with increased weights or reps, that is a sure sign you need to change something. You probably need to try a different workout routine. You can’t do the same routine over and over, forever. Finally, when I “slack” I don’t make any progress either… Nobody does!

Dustin, I got that backwards. The search engine on the T-Mag home page will search all the articles. The search engine on the forum that lists subject and author will search past messages.

Guys, dustin’s gone. He’s one of those guys (probably a teenager) who puts something half-assed up and then you never hear from him again. Save your breath.

(Dustin, if you’re still out there, still reading this thread, feel free to make a liar out of me…)