I Need Help From An Expert. I've Screwed Up After 4 Weeks

Hi, I’ve edited post and reached out to experts via PM/email. Thanks

You got alot of personal info on those forms. I would edit your post and remove the pics.

Try going to a doctor if you’re not educated about self administration of trt.

IT’s pretty easy to get a doc to put you on!

I wouldn’t do IF if a muscular physique is your goal, and I Would really avoid cutting your cals too low as well!

IF you are willing to go as far as to self prescribe trt, perhaps you would be willing to get an educated trainer/coach? There are some very knowledgeable and good coaches attached to this site in fact.

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Thanks Shreddedbaby, will-do.

Thanks Rich…done. Appreciate the guidance.

Heya tribe, If there are trained coaches/trainers for prescribing trt, here, can you give me a shout-out?

No no bro, trainers and coaches do NOT prescribe trt. Doctors do :slight_smile: Go see a doctor and get your test levels checked, assuming they are low enough they WILL put you on trt.

I mean its not rocket science to dose it yourself, but it’s always advised to go through the pharmacy and do things legally, what if you have to travel or something?

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I do self prescribe my own trt, but i’m doing more of a blasting and cruising thing than traditional trt, and it did take me some trial and error to get all of my bloods looking great.

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Okay, Thanks Shred. I’ve just now set an appointment to see an endo next week. Difficulty is getting the same progressive outlook (much like the progressives here at T-Nation) vs conservative approach of where I’m at. I saw a urologist last week, here, and he said, “its best to just let it go and accept we all get old”. Duhh, I know that. I just don’t want to feel old…

You may have to switch from doctor to doctor a few times until you find one who is informed and “in the know” with hormones. I actually have a doctor who knows all about my steroid use and helps me make sure I am not doing damage, he is very “in the know” about AAS usage.

I’m really glad you have made an appointment bro, this is your HORMONES we are talking about here, so if you gotta switch docs 5 times, its definitely worth the hassle. This is NOT something you wanna do half ass or settle with!

Good luck man, you will get it done right soon enough. hopefully your first doc is good to go!

Feel free to update me on what your endo says and what his purposed protocol is!

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Shred-buddy, I appreciate your words, wisdom, and well-with-all. I’ve never been down this alley before (stupid but harshly true). We NEVER go down this path until we get there…which we all eventually do. Damn! What’s so awesome though, is the support from givers like you. I’m all over this. Your guidance will be a life-saver, literally.

I’ll let you know.

Yeah no worries man, I FUCKED my natural test at like 20 years old from uneducated steroid use, so I try to help other people avoid the same issues…

I’ll be waiting for an update, i’m not an expert but I Can definitely tell you if what your doctor is purposing is “the norm” and if you should stick with him or move on :slight_smile:

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Sorry to hear about that…:slightly_smiling_face: