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I Need Help Cutting Bodyfat.

Howdy guys im a new T-Nation member and i was wondering if yall could help me get started with a routine. im looking to cut my bodyfat to 12% and get larger arms, a stronger back and a larger chest. any training ideas? i really need help with the arm area as it is the part that is most lacking.

lifting weights helps…welcome to T-Nation.


Time to start reading.

I suggest Total Body Training or Upper/Lower Split personally, but you’ll get results as long as you increase your lifts.

You want to CUT bodyfat, get a STRONGER back and a LARGER chest. There are three totally different goals there that require you to do different things. You should start by picking one, (a few time two) goals and going for that. Once that is accomplished focus on the other.

your arms are where you’re most lacking? yeah, i bet you’ve been squatting like a madman and its time to switch it up right?


buries head in hands

OP, Good name.


It would be best for you to start off doing some reading around here first of all rather than asking someone to do that for you.

Firstly you are clearly a beginner, so i would reccomend that you focus on more than just your upper body…assuming you have the control of your legs or have legs. Perhaps look at Ripptoes starting strength to get to grips with basic technique of the compound movements which will be key to your development.

Also you will want to sort out your diet, dont think taking a protein shake is a magic pill, as a beginner you would be far better to just sort your diet out and keep your cash in your pocket.

Reading here first is very helpful. You should go in the Beginner forum and read the first 3-4 topics which are sticky…there you find useful links to T-Nation articles. Maybe it will also help to post questions which are open after your lecture in the beginner forum or search there for questions you would like to ask. Maybe you will find something you can need :slight_smile:
Welcome and have fun with lifting weights. It`s all worth it.

TBT…coimpund lifts

[quote]awebayt wrote:
your arms are where you’re most lacking? yeah, i bet you’ve been squatting like a madman and its time to switch it up right?


actually yeah taht is how it went down.

I hear eating fewer cals than you take in will help some what…

ha ha

any way welcome to T-Nation, type in “cardio round table” in the search bar at the top right of the page and you will get more than a weekend full of reading my friend…


To the original poster, there are tons and tons of programs here that will benefit you.

Depending on your ability and where your at, you may want to start with starting strength.

So here’s my recomendations, you should read all these and many more and then decide which is best for you.

Starting strength
Anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy
Triple threat training
Complexes for fatloss
Real fast fat loss

All of those will work if applied correctly, and theres no reason why you cant build muscle and burn fat at the same time, if you eat correctly.

If your more toward a beginner, id say combine “starting strength” with “complexes for fatloss” and you’ll be set.