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I Need Help Correcting My Body

I’m on a deployment right now and have been working hard, I recently took a pic of my progress and notice my body is kind of twisting.

if anyone has advice for corrective action, it would be greatly appreciated.
Side note: my right wrist has limited mobility due to breaking it when I was younger.

What do you mean twisting? Not seeing anything odd myself.

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Not necessarily twisting. Just one side is developing different than the other.

Your body has hips, spine and shoulders, supported and connected by glutes and abs and lats. It’s common for people to be built a little asymmetrical, and through training get a little twisted.

Maybe one side glutes and obliques are slacking a little and that hip flexor is really tight. So one trap pulls extra hard to make up for it and the opposite side lat is a little tight so your body twists.

One way to fix it is to systematically work through small moves to “fire up” your abs and glutes and obliques and lats one at a time. Like in the “MCGill 3.”

Another way is to use moves that challenge your stability and force you to use all these muscles together. So you just get in the Half Kneeling position (like getting down on one knee to propose) and do some single arm work. Just getting in that position forces you to “untwist” by making you have good pusture and balance.

Here’s a half kneeling press. This guy is using a landmine setup, but you could use a dumbbell if you wanted a simple setup. Or upside down kettlebell if you wanted to be fancy.

Half Kneeling row.

Half Kneeling pallof press.

Upper back, facepull kinda move half kneeling.


I’ll give these a shot, and post back in a couple weeks. Appreciate you.

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Thanks for your service brother