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I Need Energy For AM Workout


i used to take ephedrine like a mad man when i would lift, now i cant get out of bed in the morning to go and im draggin ass while im there. is there anything that you all could recommend to give me an AM workout energy boost?


How much sleep are you getting?

I would assume you're eating enough food?


yeah i eat enough but i only manage about 4-6 hours a night and the 6 hours i get are usally the weekends when i can sleep late.. just cant sleep anymore. but fuck it ill get enough sleep when im dead.


Heh. Very tough-dude/manly sounding but very much the wrong attitude for striving for an athletic bod and life. Don't mean to sound preachy, but it's true.

6 hours of sleep should be your minimum.
You can get six at least. We're all busy, but we make time for things that are important to us.

We all miss ephedrine, but if you were using it a lot, it was probably covering up a lot of problems in your diet and lifestyle.

You'll need to work, plan and think to get that level of energy sans ephedrine.

Try to get to bed earlier. If it's hard to sleep, try having some turkey or something high in tryptophan that will make you a bit groggy.

Biotest Spike

Overall diet, are you getting enough vitamins/minerals? Fruit? Protein?

It'll take some time, especially if you were on eph. for a while, but you'll get it back with some lifestyle changes.


2 Capsules of Spike will get you going.


Sleep is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You should place more emphasis on sleep. The body does some amazing stuff during sleep, and this will aid in recovery.

Since a judge "lifted" the ban on ephedra in Utah for a certain company, you should be able to find some on the Internet.



A serving of Surge just before will also help.