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I Need Drink Ideas


And so I will be going on my honeymoon here in a little under 2 weeks. Congrats to me. Thanks for all the previous posters on my Mexico, Cancun thread that gave me suggestions for where to go. We ended up in an all-inclusive resort with all the taxes and drinks paid up every day. Rivera Maya part of Mexico and I'm looking forward to it.

I'd like to take advantage or more like get some money out of the alcohol supplied at the resort. I don't know too much about alcoholic drinks since I mainly drink beer, if anything at all.

What are some good alcoholic drinks to try out? Beer suggestions? Alcoholic drink mixes?

I'd like to be able to get a small list from here and print it out to take with me. Nothing like shots of everclear mind you, I'm not aiming to get hammered but I don't want to be sipping wine coolers either. I want to try some new drinks and receipes and would like to be able to tell them how to make it. Because who knows if they even know how to make anything except what's on tap. The more specific on how to make each drink, the better.

I do like dark beers but have enjoyed simple beers like Blue Moon and this Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer i got.

Thanks for the help.

And if you've been there and have suggestions of where to go and see and do, I'll take that too.


Check out www.drinkmixer.com. I was looking for "The Incredible Hulk" drink to tell you about and came across that site. They have the recipe, here's the one I was looking for:

2 oz Hpnotiq? liqueur
1 1/2 oz Hennessy? cognac
3 - 4 oz Sprite? soda

Its GREEN. Really cool drink. Have fun!


I severely doubt they won't know how to mix up cocktails at the resort, they are probably bartenders with cocktail training, and eager to please to get some good tips. I'd say you could tell them exactly what you said in this post and they will come up with a great suggestion.

However you will have to be careful not to get smashed, especially trying different cocktails, that might not mix well. Mixing drinks = bad idea. Getting smashed on honeymoon = terrible idea.

I like these:

black (or white) russian
don juan
mud slide
martini + extra olives

Most of the cocktails I like are part dessert. More calories the better I say.

I'd be trashed if there was an unlimited bar, absolutely smashed.

Another thing you should try if they have them, are single malt whiskeys. They are all different. If they have a good selection, it is a good chance to try out a few.


I don't know much about cocktails (I think putting some Coke in my Jack Daniels is fancy) but I like to cook and one of my recipe books has some simple cocktails in it.

1 measure Sweet Vermouth
3 measures Whisky
(I've never had one but I think this sounds pretty good)

Pina Colada
1 measure White Rum
2 measures Coconut Cream
2 measures Pineapple Juice
Cherry and orange to decorate

1/4 measure Dry Vermouth
3 measures Gin (or Vodka, if preferred)
1 Olive
(there's bound to be a lot of argument about how to make a real Martini - this is just one example)

The other suggestions of White (or Black) Russians and Single Malt Whiskies are good. And (being Irish) I have to suggest that you start each night with a nice pint of Guiness.

Have a good time.


I'm a fan of the old fashioned martini. As mentioned above, there's about a billion ways to make one, but I think the usual breakdown 2 parts gin to 1 part vermouth. Bartender's know what to ask/do. Anyway, I mention martinis because you'll get your money's worth, especially if they offer 'good' gin.

Either that, or drink the best beers they offer.

Have fun and congrats.


I went to an all inclusive resort in cancun for spring break last year. What i found out is that they use cheap liquors, brand i have never heard of. Everytime we asked for a vodka drink we would take a sip and everything was tequila. But a good shot you can get is called a Blue Mother F**ker. They wouldnt tell us what was in it but they were tasty, and very strong. And watch the ice drinks because of the water in them, spent a day in the bathroom because of that. And congrats.


Guinness, be a man.


Malibu bay breeze. Just make sure your wife orders it for you and no one sees you drinking it.

Its really good, though.


As for place to check out, everyone should go to CoCo Bongo. Be warned it is a dance club, but even if you don't dance it's still a cool place. They have acrobats or some shit doing tricks while hanging from what I remember as sheets hanging from this huge ceiling. It's pretty crazy.

Oh and by the way, DO NOT DRINK THE TEQUILA ON TAP!!!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT DRINK THE TEQUILA ON TAP!!!!!! The last thing you'll remember will be this faint image of you pissing in the bushes of an outside restaurant while parents attempt to hide their children from your drunken antics. Or you'll be lucky enough to remember standing in your window on the 5th floor naked screaming "THIS IS ME CANCUN!!!! THIS IS ME!!!" Not that I have ever done these things or been reminded by my friends that I've done such.

Have Fun!!! DO NOT DRINK THE TEQUILA ON TAP!!!!!!! For your sake, and for the sanity of those innocent children around you.


How about a Urinal Mint?

1 shot blue curacao
1 shot of the cheapest liquor in the bar

Pour it in a glass and float an altoid on top.


Mexico? Cheap and effective?

Just drink the water. It'll blow your mind.


That's one of my favorite. So I guess that makes me the man.

Hey one time a friend was buying me a pitcher at a local brewery with beers like Guinness on tap. He ordered something like a Guinness, except it had a slight chocolately taste. Any idea what that was?


I heard of this too, so I thought if I could order the drinks specifically with certain liquors, I would have a better chance. Tell them to us a certain brand name.


Sometimes the brewery will make their stout with chocolate or coffee. I think it's nasty, that's why I always ask for Guiness!


Chances are the open bar, is going to be rail liquor (cheap generic brands). I definitely wouldn't count on any decent booze, but if you tip well enough, who knows?


The Manhattan (one of my favorites) is:
In mixing glass or shaker (depending on whether or not you want is 'airy'):
Bourbon (to desired amount, normally about 3 oz, Marker's Mark is wonderful)
Angostura bitters (1-2 shakes)
Stir or shake

Sweet vermouth to taste (less is usually more, just like a martini, I like to put the vermouth, with the ice in the glass, and dump it out when it is time to put the bourbon in.
1 Marachino Cherry (invented in my home state, although at the cow college)
1 mint leaf (it is supposed to represent the island of Manhattan)



I dont know about your hotel but mine was all open bar and even if you tell them a jack and coke, they will put rum in it or something, they only make what they know how to no matter what you say(atleast when i was) but in the clubs they have the nice brands, but if you get the open bar pass for the bar be prepared to give big tips because if you dont they will just serve someone else.


Greygoose on the rocks w/ an olive & a apple martini are the best!

Good one also is a ( know to me ) crack pipe.

Blue caruraco
Red Bull

ENJOY! Very smooth, taste great!


LMAO!!! Toooo funnnyyy!

BH6! That's just plain nasty! Is this a drink you get often??!! Eeewwww!


To stay in the Mexican theme/spirit of your visit, try:

  1. An ice cold Tecate Beer poured into a glass over ice, fresh squeezed lime juice and a salted rim...yummm.

  2. A Modelo Negra (dark beer); this beer has a serious kick; have a plate of beef tacos with it.

  3. Shots of Cuevo Gold, shaken with ice and a lime garnish. (don't have too many or you'll pay in the AM).

  4. A Tequila Sunrise made with fresh squeezed orange juice and Granadine Syrup.

  5. And if you are really brave and into the party, drop a shot glass full of Tequila (Cuervo Gold) into a 3/4 full glass of Tecate Draft and chug away...but be careful.

In the morning have some Menudo Stew for curing the hangover.