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I Need Diet Help.

I have cut out most of my carbs and have been eating healthier then I ever have and have been making progress but it just seems like its slowing down. Are there any good supps or programs I should do?

I was thinking about doing the V-Diet for a few weeks. would that kill my lifts?

I think that you shouldn’t worry too much about carbs. Around 100-200 carbs a day is fine for loosing fat. You should be more focused with an overall caloric deficit. Each carb is roughly 4cal so 200 carbs would only add up to 800cal which is prob only around 1/2 your daily intake.

The reason I say this is because the body is made to run off carbs during metabolic processes that require them such as weight training and intense cardio. They replenish your glycogen stores in the muscle and liver which ultimately gives you more energy to lift with and that means more stress on the body = more muscular overcompensation.

Any diet that requires you to be in caloric deficit is going to stall your lifts. Its just the way it works. I recommend focusing on loosing the fat for a whole month. After the month is over, weather youve lost 5lb or 10lb or more, you should go back to your muscle building diet of surplus calories.

You are deffinately on the right track and way ahead of all the other girls stuck on the treadmills.

PS. If fat loss is slowing down, your metabolism is becoming more efficient. You may have to reduce calories further, add in some cardio exercise, or eat at your matainance calorie level for a few days then returning to deficit. Hope this helps some.

YeS It does thanks a bunch!!!