I Need Diet Help Bad. Skinny/Fat.

I’m 19 years old and I have no idea how I should eat for my situation! I’m 5’10, 220lbs and have a bf probably in the low 30’s. I’m also really skinny fat, 14 inch arms and like a 38 waist. I recently began powerlifting and my main focus is strength but I feel for health and for myself I need to lose some fat. I’d ideally want to get down to 15% or get the top 2 abs showing.

What do you guys suggest? Can someone please give me like a calorie number and some kinda macro nutrient numbers to shoot for? I know I’ll manage since I’ll setup a diet and eat the SAME thing every day.

I know a lot of you are probably wanting to say “just eat clean, etc” I tried that and I always tended to under eat. which brings me to my next point. It’s not like I eat a lot anyway, MAYBE…MAYBE 2000 cals a day if not less. I’ve logged it. I’m almost unsure if my metabolism is too low. I was told to take my body temps twice a day for a week and the person told me its on the slower side. Which makes me think I should eat more calories to help jump start it. I’ve tried multiple diets like low carb etc but I always tend to break them since I constantly question if I’m doing the right thing.

So what do you guys suggest? I was thinking of trying something like carb cycling but just simpler, basically less carbs on off days than on workout days. And combine this with Berardi’s 7 habits so basically I only eat carbs in the morning and post workout. But there is my problem again, idk how many cals to eat and how much of what.
I’m a college student and I train twice a week. What do you suggest I do to get down to 15%bf and continue getting stronger?

I like where your head is…I wish I could say my main focus was strength when I was 19. How long does a typical strength session last for you? Are you doing anything on your “off” days? Moreover, what is your definition of eating “clean?” You’ll find alot of guys on here who had good success with carb cycling. Personally, I like to keep my macro split around 60/30/10 f/p/c while cutting. I don’t know what an ideal ratio for powerlifting would be though.

Are you fitting in a few protein shakes throughout the day? Powders carry alot of bang for the buck, so to speak, usually packing 20g protein for only 100 cal.

Sessions last like 1.5-2hours. Twice a week. I know its “longer than usual” but it has worked so far. I made no progress until I started training with these guys. Squat were stuck at 295-305 but since Ive been doing these extra long sessions it’s now 350 and I know my deadlift is going up since I jut set a PR 2 weeks ago. It takes so long mostly b/c of working in with 3 ppl at a time.

Clean to me is basically no fried/fast food and avoid simple sugars.

On off days I do nothing, I’m thinking I should add cardio 3 times a week. I’m down to do carb cycling but would like to have some more info on how to properly set it up but nothing crazy. Just Lifting and Non-lifting days. I feel this low/med/high day stuff will be too advanced for me.

As for shakes yes, I was drinking up to 4 a day before. I’m trying to cut back to only 2. Instead add more real foods.

So anyone got advice on calories and macros/carb cycling setup for me?


[quote]jskrabac wrote:
I like where your head is… [/quote]

Really? You like where his head is at?

He under-eats every day, only lifts 2 days a week, has no clue what he’s doing… and you like where his head is at?

OP, my advice to you is to just change your lifestyle to reflect the goals you want to achieve. If some guy could bench/squat/deadlift 300/400/500 pounds, had a reasonable level of endurance, lifted weights 6 days a week without neglecting anything, and ate clean every day of his life, what do you think he is going to look like?

Do you think that guy’s body would even be capable of looking like shit?

Don’t overcomplicate things with all of this carb cycling bulking/cutting blah blah blah. The old-time adages of “form follows function” and “practice make perfect” apply just as perfectly in bodybuilding as they do everywhere else. You wanna be leaner and stronger? Then you just have to get lots and lots of practice at that.

Nobody ever got good at basketball by shooting some 2-pointers twice a week and calling it a day.

I see what you mean. So what would be a good starting point for me in terms of calories and possibly macros?

[quote]delux0 wrote:
I see what you mean. So what would be a good starting point for me in terms of calories and possibly macros?[/quote]

Oh the irony of it all. This made me laugh.

Hmmm…I haven’t seen too many fat/skinny dudes with 14 inch arms and 38 inch waists doing 350 lb squats. By squat do you mean leg press?

lol okay i see the irony but just looking for a starting point. Saying get a 300/400/500 lift stat is easier said than done. I mean how many avg ppl who train actually have those numbers. I dont since I obviously dont know what I’m doing. I see what he’s saying but it kinda sounds the same as “eat clean” to me.

Like I said in my OP i tried that and made no progress, basically since I think I under ate and didnt rly have an idea of what to do. Which is why I’m asking for at least a basic number of calories or macros to shoot for for my situation.

[quote]mr popular wrote:

[quote]jskrabac wrote:
I like where your head is… [/quote]

Really? You like where his head is at?


In regards to making strength his priority right now. I was just being encouraging…ya know…something that NEVER happens in these forums.

[quote]guel0013 wrote:
Hmmm…I haven’t seen too many fat/skinny dudes with 14 inch arms and 38 inch waists doing 350 lb squats. By squat do you mean leg press?[/quote]
haha no i got a video of it if it helps. Just to an even parallel.

fuck it, just go with that

Video always helps!

My situation is pretty similar to yours. I am 6’4" 292 lbs age 24, about 28% bf. Three months ago I was 300 lbs 37% bf. I started by working out only. 4 days a week lifting 30 minutes followed by walking on the treadmill 15 minutes. I didn’t change my diet or anything. Then I started eating 6 times a day instead of 3.

Now for every meal I eat a protein (chicken, tuna, lean beef, fish) and a vegetable (broccoli, squash, green beans, carrots)

Try that. Walk a lot. Eat 6 times a day. Try to add another training day if you can.

I can’t believe no one here has mentioned conditioning. Try out some barbell complexes, hill sprinting, regular sprinting, sled pulling/pushing, tire pulling, HIIT, and the list goes on. And what’s great about walking is that it will burn some calories without effecting recovery.

And you probably want to lift weights more times a week too. Each time you lift weights, you spike your metabolism. Same goes for the conditioning.

Thanks! I’ll add in cardio on my off days and add a day of lifting. So Then I’ll have like 2-3 days of cardio plus 3 of lifting.

I was reading around the forum and was thinking of trying to shoot for like 2800cals and keep carbs post workout and breakfast.

I’m about to read that article posted. Is that many cals really right? I mean it’s telling me to eat like close to 5000, and it seems like thats what guys twice my size are eating. I’m just concerned that will be to much? I dont wanna get fatter. But then again, my nutrition knowledge only goes so far.

If you’re losing weight and you’re not getting weaker, then you are losing fat primarily. Keep it up.

If you’re gaining weight, eat less or do more conditioning.

If you’re losing weight and getting weaker, then add a few calories.

Go up/down by 250-750 calories. Most of the authors say 500.

Consistency is key.