I Need Contest Help

Does anybody have any advice…im getting ready for the arnold amateur but im soo confused…the prejudging is thurs and finals are sat ive never had to have a full day in between a pre judging and finals. Im not so cincerned with the carb loading but with the way to manipulate my water as far as salt and water depletion and what to do on friday-and i guess what to kind of eat on friday…

any advice?

When you cut your water, your body only stays ‘fooled’ for so long. Obviously you can’t maintain such a condition for 48 hours, but you can do your best not to have any serious rebounding occur. I’ve always heard people talk about picking which show (if you’re doing two close together) you should truly aim for peaking out.

In your case, while the Judging should have some influence in the overall placings, I would guess that the prejudging (Thurs) should be your target as far as water/carb/sodium manip. After that, just take things easy. Most people usually whine that they look better 2 days after their show anyway -lol.


thx for the feedback that is what i was thinking just wanted to get some opinions…the next couple shows will be my normal routine of sat competition thank goodness, hopefully all goes well :slight_smile:

Lol, just be careful with the skewed sensitivity to sugars and sodium. If you’re smart about this, and keep in mind that the contest isn’t actually over until after Saturday’s show, then you should do fine.

Good Luck!


Thx I cant wait! Are you going?

I’m in the middle or prepping for two Spring shows this year. I always think about going, but I figure with the expo, and all those free samples, giveaways, walking around etc, I just don’t want to be glued to my cooler and worried about getting in my cardio sessions every day. If i don’t compete next Spring I think I’ll go. It’s something that should be on every serious BBer, or BBing fan’s bucket list (This, or the Olympia)

Be sure to let us know how everything goes for you though.


sure will!!! Thanks! I will definatly let you know how it goes, but it is true i went 2 years ago when i was getting ready for a show…it wasnt a proiblem getting the cardio and meals in, but it was so tempeting there with all the freebies lol

Good luck to you this season too ill keep ya posted!

Hopefully I will peak just right for Thurs. Im just happy i made the improvements i wanted this year so ive already accomplished that! So now I just wait and see! Thanks for the support!