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I Need Christmas Ideas


My husband is big into fitness and living a nutritionally sound life style. What on earth can I get him to help him succeed?


An X vest...

Training sessions w/ a REAL fitness expert...

Biotest supplements...

A gym membership to a REAL gym if he doesn't already go to one...


get into fitness with him?


A seat to this. All the knowledge and motivation one will need for month to come.'


Ha! That's exactly what I just asked my wife for today when she told me her father wanted to know what I want for Christmas. When she said that he wouldn't do that, I told her to have him just send money, then I can use it to get to this seminar!

Some other ideas might be to start making a room to train in, or some training equipment that he can use if he doesn't feel like going to the gym. A power rack is a bit expensive, but I think it's the single best investment for a home gym (along with a bar and some weights of course).


Um,.....workout clothes,powders,free weights?Lol.


Thanks for the help. He is already going to the seminar in January. He takes many of the supplements fromt this site and has a room to work out in. Now what????? Does any one have a favorite piece of equipment in thier home gym?


That's about it. Anything else is gravy. Maybe a set of Blast Straps, a dragging sled, or a kettlebell, or something quirky. EliteFTS.com has a "Christmas Wish List" that might be worth checking out.


Of course, there's always that one special gift that a husband would appreciate from his wife. But decorum and chivalry prevent me from detailing it here. :wink:


Thank you for all your help.


John Berardi's new book/DVD series