I need bigger pants dammit

Since regular pants are made for sausage people am I going to need to wear a bigger size for my legs & use a belt because the pants with bigger legs are made for doughboys? Is there a brand that’s made for the more ample gentleman, at least in the leg area, & with a normal waist size?

Most places have a baggy fit jeans, just go look at your local mall. You’ll get used to sinching your jeans, I’ve been doing it forever.

Drax, welcome to my hell!! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a business executive and I have to wear suits, and wool dress slacks constantly. I am 6’6" 275 and have a 36 inch waist and 31" legs so I always have to buy fully tailored suits. Most talors can make Jackets that are “Athletic Cut” which means they are tapered from shoulders to waist. As for buying pants off the rack Ralph Lauren baggy jeans fit well, but you will have to go one waist size up. There khaki pants work well also. As for dress slacks, my best fitting pair are Hugo Boss slacks 42W 34L, I bought them them took and took them to my tailor and had her take up the waist to fit me, and now they fit perfect on my legs and butt. If I don’t do that the waist will always fit right but it will look like I am wearing wool tights around my legs. Hope this helps.

I’m not sure how old you are or wether this will fit your style or not, but a lot of the skater gear is cut the way us big boys need them to be.
Check out Billabong, Sessions, Quicksilver, etc. Otherwise, find pants that are a little more conservative,but cut the same.

just wear BIKER SHORTS with your WIFE BEATER top

chicks dig that… trust me…

hehe :wink:

LUCKY JEANS- these are the best jeans in the world when it comes to wide legs. They cost 65-85 dollars here in oregon so they are not cheap, but worth every penny.

Levi’s Silver Tabs in Baggy fit are my jeans of choice. I wear 30-30’s and they do me real good (I’m a short guy-sue me). I have a couple of black pairs for work and a regular blue pair for screwin’ around on the weekends. I’ve NEVER met a bodybuilder whose legs were big enough to fill them out.

Check out Hannibal Apparel and Rheingold Fashions. More conservative stuff. Not cheap, but good quality.

You got any URLs for those two places?

Try this


Unfortunately, the hannibal URL seems to be dead. Too bad, they have some good stuff in the more formal end. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks bud!

Nice to meet you! I used to wear the silver tab jeans. Now i wear some other kind that i dont even know the name of. I think they are levis though.