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I Need Assistance Please


hey i was deployed a couple of months ago and while i was away i took mdrol, tren 13, and epistane at the end cuz heard it would help with the lumps behind my nipples. ive been asking around and heard about taking letro. i was also told when i taper down off of it to get on nolva and clomid for like a pct off of it so that the lumps stay away. is this right or do you have any ideas?


Lumps in your breast? You should probably get a mammogram.


no actually smart ass. the real answer would be to not take forms of steroids and such. but thats not the answer im looking for. but thanks for the concern.


Yes you could use letro! you can also use liquidex (arimidex)

Letro is more potent then liquidex...search online to see what the dosages are to get rid of gyno from steroids.


You took pro-hormones because you heard they would help with lumps behind your nipples? Did they help? How much bigger did they get? What cup size are you shooting for?

Did you suffer any serious head injuries while deployed? Any history of brain damage?

See a doctor and ask about sterilization.