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I Need Advice


I have a female friend who i've been talking too...however she is in a lesbian relationship with a stud....thats a manly lesbian...shes bisexual, my friend. She wants to stop being in that relationship but cant because she says her stud beats her for talking to men, so she cant talk to me no more.

She said she tried to get away but cant. What should be done to help her?




Are you saying I should challenge the manly lesbian to gladiator combat?


.......... the answer to this is the same answer it would be if it was a man who was beating her: A shrink.

She needs to get out of the relationship, and the fact that she hasn't probably means she has some kind of bad psychological problem. If she's so lame that she lets someone beat her up, what do you want with her anyway?

You know she could call the cops on that freak of nature. maamsir would go to prison. Your friend moves and changes her phone #. End of story.


its the only way


i've seen this situation many times and nothing else works.


Agreed. She needs to get the hell out of that situation. If it means turning that manly chick in, then so be it. If she can't stand up for herself, or be physical enough to make this crazy girl stop, she needs help from a 3rd party. Shrink, cops, friends, whatever it is. It's obviously not healthy being in that situation... what exactly she does may sort of depend on the specific people, but yeah, my 2 cents.


Have her call the police and report it, get a restraining order, then have her crash at your place so she/it can't find her.


Abuse is a very serious issue, call the police. I'm not joking.


i wouldn't sweat it, everything clip posts is a joke


on a similar note I saw a manly lesbian today.. looked like a biker with some extra baggage not counting the 350ish pounds heshe was carrying.


That's not a very funny topic to joke about...




Im far from joking. I gt the text messages in my cell phone to prove it. I guess she gets beat quite regularly.


I asked her why doesnt she leave and she said she tried to escape before...whatever that means.


I normally wouldnt fight a woman, but I will punch the shit out of a manbeast that tries to put its paws on me!


If you have a text message give it to the police. If you don't help her you might be going to a funeral.





Yea maybe I should.


Why are people still taking him seriously?

Well there you go. You just proved it. Now I believe you.