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I need advice please!

I need some advice. I am miserable. Before I became pregnant, I was 5’5" and 135 lbs. I was never in amazing shape but had no problem wearing what I wanted, jogging, and feeling good. I just had my daughter 8 months ago. It was a hard pregnancy. The last 4 months I was on completely bed rest. Needless to say, I gained a ton of weight. 8 months after my daughter’s birth, I am still at 210. I am miserable. I am willing to take any advice when it comes to workouts, diet planning, and suppliments to take this weight off and tone up. I know the weight is not going to come off quickly and I don’t want a quick fix. I appreciate all your advice.

Before anyone can answer you, you’ll have to tell us what you have available to you. Have you a gym membership or a home gym? How much time can you commit to this? Are you nursing? If you are, then that will make a difference in the supplements that you can use. 30-40 minutes every other day can be realistic? Weight come off quickly? It can. But expect plateaus.

Sign up for a diet plan at eDiets, choosing the high protein option (or low sugar, whatever they have), then read some articles on weight training here and pick a good training routine where you do quick full body workouts three times a week. Add 30 minutes of cario the 3 days you’re not doing weights, and you have a recipe for success.

I am going to the YMCA because money is tight right now and frankly after reading some of the posts on here about “fat chicks” at the gym, I don’t want to be laughed at by some jerk. I am no longer able to nurse because of an infection and haven’t been nursing for 2 months. I have around an hour a day to exercise (when husband comes home) and could exercise 7 days a week if that is what it takes.

Start with T-mag’s “How to Build a T-Vixen” article, then read “The Beginner’s Blast Off Program”. Make your own workout based on these two articles (a search at T-mag, not here at the forum, will bring them up.) Also read “The Missing Ingredient”. Good luck! You came to the right place for no BS advice! Look at the photo forum for inspiration.

My wife can appreciate where you are at. She gave birth to our third girl end of June, by C-section. After 8 weeks recovery she want to start working out again, she gained 40 - 50 pounds. She is breast feeding so takes no supplements other than protein shakes and flax oil. Eats about every 4-5 hours keeps her carbs around 60 grams for the day ( the first two weeks were under 25 grams)and some of those weeks had very bad slips. Protein is around 100 - 120 grams (we don’t actually count this) and we couldn’t even guess how many grams of fat she has. She has 1 - 2 “cheat meals” a week. Keep a food log it will truly open your eyes. I got the book the protein plan for her to help her understand some of the why’s.
The exercises I had her do were dumbbell swings 2hand 15 reps(10 lbs), lifting dumbbell from the floor to your shoulders 3 reps(10lbs one arm at a time, then a one hand swing(5lbs one side at a time)outside the knee for 10 reps rest 45 secs.
Do this M, W, F. Start with one set your first week then add a set a week untill your third week then add reps to each exercise.
I had her do GPP next Jumping jacks for 30secs, shuffle jacks (feet front to back) 30 secs, squat thrusts ( see Coach Davies articles) start with three and increase as able, then chinees(kind of an alternating leg crunch)on one day. The next was Jumping jacks, shuffle jacks, small verticle jumping(jump up and down on the spot really fast with toes only) then jump side to side, all for 30 secs each. Again do 1 set week 1. 2 sets week 2 and keep adding until you reach five sets. Then switch to fat to fire by Coach Davies, start at half the volume and increase as able.
On Tues and Thurs she did 2 hand dumbbell swing 1-2 sets of 15 with a 45 sec rest.
After about 4-6 weeks she added in jump rope work.
You could stretch each increase to every two weeks if you want.
Last week she just broke the 140 lb barrier. She hated every bit of it at the start. But now she doesn’t want to miss any of it.
Hope this helps.
Peace, Tmofa

Once you get going, also check out the “Female Fat Fast” article. It’s hard core, but even if you don’t follow it, you’ll get some good ideas. The diet section in the FAQs is good, lots of folks like the T-Dawg. The Y is fine, but don’t worry about the jerks at the gym - they are usually looking at themselves, not you.

To be honest, the advice I want to give out has already been stated. So, if nothing else I wish you the best of luck as well as extending my support to you. Your mental focus and drive is sky high now: keep it up and it’ll take you to great places. Keep us posted on you’re progression.

Hi NewMom. Congrats for you and your daughter. Since you mentioned the YMCA, and that your budget is tight, I’ll also reccomend the article in Issue 204 and 205, The Winning Formula. It will give you a plan on how much food to consume, and the macronutrient breakdown, and a means to calculate caloric input and expenditure. With this approach, and Joel Marion’s Cheater’s Diet article, there is not a need for many supplements, and are primarily food and timing based. You also mentioned a 1-2 hour window, for training. If the YMCA offers a spinning class, do it 2-3 times per week. I have been doing this and 5x5 for about a month before getting this plague of a cold, and the fat was melting off. I was also using just about every Biotest supplement, but I digress. Anyways, I would also reccomend Renegade Training GPP- sledgehammer GPP, sled drags(can be improvised) as this will help to melt off the fat, and keep you agile as a cat (gotta keep up with the little ones). Compound movements such as deadlifting, squats, bench, cleans and snatches(yes, it is an exercise) will give you the most bang for the buck. This is only a start, but hang in there, and remember we are here to help. -The Starkdog

You have stumbled across a great resource here in T-Mag. 7 days a week is not necessary, just to let you know. First things first, there has to be a committment. Second thing is to gain knowlegde. The last is an action plan. Then take action. Smile now. You have already succeeded. You have to realize that time is just an ingredient. Forget eyeballing the long term goal. Lets break it into several small managable goals. The first is, if you are at 210, is to crack that 200 lb level. When you see that balance on the scale drop, indicating that you have made it, you will understand that you can succeed, will succeed, and are on your way. I wish I could exchange info with you on a more frequent basis. Look at another forum, dragon door. Lots of positve people there too. I will look for you there too. Take action! God Bless!!

By all means exercise, but also start a food log to see what you’re eating. Weight will come off if you lower your calories and stick to a plan. You can do this any number of ways, but the first step is to know where you are right now. Do a search for “Food Log” on the T-Mag website and read up. Good luck!

Oh, and if someone makes a “fat chick” comment, don’t let it get you down. Use it instead. Imagine how the guy’s going to react in a few months when you’re back in shape, looking all svelt and hot, and you remind him about what he said… Should be good for some motivation.

being on bed rest for 4 months will surely lower your metabolism. You just need to kick it back up through training, and watch your diet. You will go on being in better shape then before. I like the idea of full body circuit training with high intensity interval cardio training on the off days. Cut down on the sugars and carbohydrates. In terms of supplements you can use t2pro and try to find md-6 on the web somewhere. if not then go for something like nutrex lipo-6 if you can find it also. Believe me it’s easier to lose excess weight then it is to gain muscle. laters pk

Wow! You are all wonderful, wonderful people. Thank you so much for the advice. I am reading all the articles that were recommended to me and writing down the workouts. I am starting everything TODAY. The exercise (will take a long walk, can’t get to the Y today) and the diet. Hubby said just to wait until the holidays were over to start but he’s still his usual fit self. I can’t look at this body anymore and not do anything about it. I will keep everyone updated on my progress. My goal is to look and FEEL better than I did pre-pregnancy. I took a peek at some of the pictures in the photo gallery and those women look AMAZING, especially Patricia.

Starting a program on Thanksgiving day? New Mom, you have found your home at T-mag! Welcome!

I would also suggest reading an article called “Foods that make you look good naked” and one called “Lean Eatin II”. Lots of food ideas there.

For motivation, see “Merry Christmas Bob” which is an Atomic Dog article.

New Mom:

Can’t add to what all these wonderful people have said…but I THINK that I can direct you to another person who was in a similar circumstance as yours and can give you a lot of motivation.

Click to the “Photo” section, where you’ll find a Husband and Wife team (Ron and Janet Harris).Janet is the “Cuban Missle”). Anyway, Janet made an amazing transformation after child birth, with Ron’s help. (The “proof is in the picture”!!!). Her complete transformation can be found on Ron’s Site.

I’d say zip Ron an e-mail…see if he can hook you up with Janet…and between this amazing couple, perhaps a program can be worked out…and you can recieve a LOT of motivation! They’re good folks…and Ron is one of the most knowlegeble guys in the game…

Good luck!

Oh…so you won’t get a porn site!!!



New Mom, you have made my day! I thank you - I always hope that I can provide sometype of inspiration.

Here are my thoughts: What char said is sooooo right. Especially his last paragaph. Write that down and keep it with you. Now, keep it simple. I don't know what your water intake is - so, I'll just say, remember the water! Drink plenty of water! Don't overcomplicate things. DO begin a food journal. Read all the John Berardi articles. Take it all day by day.

There will be times when you'll feel like you're failing, that this all "isn't worth it". When you feel that way, take a look at your beautiful daughter. And remember that all that you're learning is for a lifetime of physical fitness - something that you can pass onto your daughter. Just think of what she'll gain - she won't have to go on "fad diets" or think she has to train and diet like "a girl". Wouldn't that be great?! She'll have this wonderful mother who had the gumption to embark on this new road, make changes, remain true to her individual needs (in training/diet) - how very cool. Hey, I think you in turn have just inspired me.

Anyways, remember also, there is a HUGE learning curve to all of this - you know, since you have the rest of your life to do this stuff. Good luck to you. Keep us all updated as to your progress.

New Mom - congrats on taking control and taking some positive steps towards reaching your goals. As someone that has trained several women through pre-, during and post pregnancy, I would just like to throw my 2 bits in as well for what it is worth.

All of the above information will certainly have it’s place in your training at a certain time. I would like to suggest that you make sure to start with some core training first to make sure that your stabilizing muscles of the trunk are strong enough to support you for the work that you want to do. At 5’5" and 210, you will be putting tremendous force on your joints and low back if you do not try to strengthen from the inside - out first. By inside - out I mean starting with the deep core muscles and then progressing towards other more impacting, dynamic exercises. Pregancy itself can cause a lot of stress on the body and trauma to these muscles. Often the body does not spring back on it’s own. I know of several women that were 1-3 years post pregnancy and still had not healed properly which eventually caused problems in other parts of the body. The core is the link to all of your extremities so it is important to make sure it is as strong as possible. Add all of that to 4 months of bed rest (more weakened muscles and joints) and then a gung ho attitude and you could set yourself up for injury which would only serve to de-motivate you very quickly. And that’s really all my rambling is about here - your enthusiasm is great but I would just hate to see you get injured.

Since you said that you are not looking for a quick fix, please take the time to research or ideally work with someone that has some post-pregrancy training background. Save any money that you would use for supplements for now and enlist the help of a professional if possible. When you have strengthened all of the connective tissues and prepared your muscles, tendons and ligaments for the stresses of more intense training, then by all means train with reckless abandonment. I wish you the best of luck.

Oh - and don’t waste your time worrying about the jerks in the gym. They are just that - “jerks” and as such are not deserving of your energy.


Darn good advice!!!

 Hey sweetie, this is what i would reccomend you do:
 1) Work out 4-5 days a week. Ur workouts shouldnt last more than 1 hour to 1.5 hours.
    They should consist of some weight training, which will really speed up your metabolism, and no, it wont make u either bigger or muscular, so dont worry about it. 
    Immediately after ur done with your weight training follow up with 30-40 minutes of cardio.
 2) U will need to be VERY rigorous with your diet - eat 6 meals a day. I SRONGLY reccomend u use T-DAWG DIET. I just came off 2 months of leaning down, and I lost 39 lbs with it, most of it fat. 
    Ur diet should consist of 50% protein, 40% fat, and 10% or less carbs. Yes its a bit simliar to atkins because u wont be taking in almost any carbs at all. however, note that is the reason why its so effective - Assuming theres a daily caloric defifit in your diet, if u keep carbs off, ur insulin levels will not spike up. insulin is the single most important reason why after you eat a bowl of sweet cereal or a potato, itll be stored as fat. The way u keep it low is by avoiding foods that stimulate its release ( carbs).
 U can have ONE (read ONE) cheat meal every one or two weeks. This means u can eat anything u want - pizza, ice-cream, whaever ur heart desires. The cheat meal should consist mostly of carbs, simple or complex, and little to no fat.This one cheat meal shouldnt hinder ur progress, and some (joel marion) claim these meal seriously stimulate ur metabolism. Check out 'cheaters diet' by joel marion. 
Good Luck!