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I Need Advice for Epi

35 yrs old

This is my first PH cycle. Epi 20/30/30/40 solo
Along with cycle:

  • AI Cyle Support 2x a day
  • Taurine
  • Fish Oil
  • Multi
  • B5 (started on second week; acne starting to show up)
  • Of course, food and proteins (clean)

PCT on hand:

  • Tamoxifen Citrate 40/40/20/20
  • AI Post Cycle Support
  • Inhibit-E

I am on the second week and I noticed my hair starts shredding really bad. I have no balding in my family at all. We all have thick hair. It started around 2 days before the 1st week ends. Everything else is good, libido, strength and mood is great. Acne started to show up 2 days ago, not too bad.

My questions:

  • I am thinking to combat the hair shredding, I need finasteride on cycle. I was about to get it but some people said that it wont make a different since epi is 5AR reduced steroids. Do you think pulsing going to make a different (every other day) or should I stop and go run PCT?

  • If I start pulsing, should I still run PCT like scheduled?


As far as pulsing goes you will find many more user experiences at anabolic minds. I don’t think many people here pulse orals. I don’t buy into it but I also have no idea if it will help combat hair loss. If I had to guess I’d say it wont.

There are alot of threads on here about epistane, use search.