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I need a workout that will kill my chest and shoulders.

Since I workout on each body part about 1.2 times per week, (ex. Monday, then Sat or Sun)I need a workout that will leave me soar after each workout. Well…not necessarily soar, but ahving that feeling that I’ve accomplished something. So far for my chest it’s 5 sets on bench, 5 sets dumbbell press, 5 sets incline dumbbell, dumbbell flies, and some cable cross machine. I recently added a new routine, it’s a one handed dumbbell bench, like I bench but with one arm, then do it with the other arm. Does anyone have any other suggestions.

As for my shoulders, I rarely ever work on my shoulders but I will and I need a workout that will get me big in 8 weeks or so…thanks.

Hope you’re ready for some major flames.

My suggestion would be try EDT training.

yeh, I see what you’re saying, I just did a search and found a grip of stuff on chest and shoulders, like that 3-D workout and such, so forget this question altogether

As Lee Haney has said, “Stimulate, don’t annihilate.”

As nicely as possible, it’s “sore”, not “soar”.