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I need a workout for a female.

She just got back into lifting about 2 months ago with me after an absence of about 4 months. I had her on a 12 10 8 6 12 program, consuming .8 grams protein per lb of lean body mass. Her carb intake was around the same. She maintained a weight of around 137 throughout the entire two months, but does look alot better now. My question is, what workout and diet plan do I put her on now to make her look absolutely stunning?

The same type of diet and training that would make a man look “stunning.”

Now go read the “Real People, Real Muscle” article at T-mag from last week. Print it out for her. Also read “How To Build a T-Vixen” in the previous issues section.

Well, I don’t want to be too hard on her. From the pictures she showed me, she has great ginetics. Because whenever she was in optimal shape, she was only eating once or twice a day. So basically, I just want to get her on a diet that wont hold her back too much, because although I know she can do it eating crappy I want to speed up the process a bit.

Well, what do you mean by “great genetics”? Especially if she was eating only once or twice a day. Was she just really lean? If that’s the case, it wasn’t due to genetics but due to her eating, what I would think, excessively low calories.

Have her BF% checked. Gotta find out where she's at. Again, TEK is right: there is absolutely no difference in how a woman or man should eat or train. NONE. Training and nutrition is determined by individual needs.

Next question: what do you mean a diet that "won't hold her back" and would "speed up the process a bit". ANYONE who follows a diet filled with good old fashioned food, i.e. proper nutrition, won't be held back. Quite the opposite, it'll propel them farther ahead. And why do you need to speed the process a bit? Wouldn't it be more important for her to learn this stuff - learn for the long term? There is no rush, no time clock on what is a lifetime of physicial fitness.

Suggestion: Read any/all articles by John Berardi for nutrition. Start there. Read the articles suggested by TEK (with a thanks to TEK!). Hope this helps.

Ok, I think I was misunderstood. She doesn’t want to turn her into a bonified T-Vixen. She just wants to be in good female shape. I heard deadlifting does make girls hips and shoulders wider. Isn’t that bad?

I believe TEK is right to a certain degree. As far as training goes, there isn’t anything a man can do that woman can’t do. However, women in general can perform more reps of their 1RM than their male counterparts. For example, a woman might be able to do 12 reps of 80% max of squat while most men would do far less. I’m not sure where I read it but I agree with the notion that women need less work sets than men as far as lifting goes. So plan accordingly.

As far as diet goes, for the most part there shouldn’t be any differences between males and females, with the exception of calorie consumption. Food choices should be the same as men. I think it was Berardi (correct me if I’m wrong guys) who mentioned that women should not lower their calories too much when dieting or trying to lose fat. It would be better to increase the energy expenditure via cardiovascular exercise and burn more calories than to eat less calories. I completely agree. Men on the other hand can get away with lowering their calorie consumption b/c of using androgens or substances women ought not use. So determine her caloric maintenance through calculations and experimentation and have her eat between 250-500 calories less than that and slowly increase her energy expenditure.

If you need more help feel free to ask.

need some specifics.
Like her bodyfat% and her exact diet meal to meal.

“…women should not lower their calories too much when dieting or trying to lose fat. It would be better to increase the energy expenditure via cardiovascular exercise and burn more calories than to eat less calories.”

Good point, Machine!

Okay, let's clear something up: "T-Vixen" is a term here on T-Mag describing a chick who generally trains (like this chick will), and yeah, is healthy and fit (simply: looks good, like this chick will). It's a term more familiar here in the forum and on T-Mag. Like, if she was applying for credit in a bank, and they ask for her credit history and the chick will say...."well, I AM a T-Vixen, you know" - the bank will probably look at her rather nutto (but maybe they read T-Mag, too). Soooo, T-Vixen just means, "chick who is in good shape and trains" - what's the fear in that?

Your question on deads: if that were the case my butt would be out to here...*opening arms and hands waaay out*. Also, I do have wide shoulders. Naturally. It's my build. Deadlifts work back, rear delts, hams/glutes (biceps also get some work). It will add muscle to these areas. At the same time, the added muscle will require more energy, thereby increasing metabolic rate. Fat will be easier to lose. Something will happen to the body. Since muscle is sleeker, more tightly packed than fat - a far more sleeker physique will be developed. She could weigh heavier. However, with a more tightly compacted bod with feminine allure fully intact. How is that bad?